ID: A graphic with a yellow background and black text. Up top, you see Eyelevel black logo with an astrological wheel below that. In the centre of the wheel there is an eye. There is also an arrow right through the wheel. Below that, there is black text that reads Eye On The Prize.

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Eyelevel needs you to keep the EYE ON THE PRIZE!


Eyelevel Gallery based here in Halifax, Nova Scotia has been fostering socially-engaged artistic work outside of the traditional white-wall gallery space for close to 50 years. 

This past year alone, we've presented exhibitions on the labour found in motherhood, sanctuary and refuge in trans communities, our ongoing AlterEye Café Works series that puts money in the pocket of early / emerging artists, our beloved HEAT WAVES residency, and more! 

In addition, we've done all of this through a comprehensive lens of disability justice as we remain committed to requiring masks at all Eyelevel events and programming. We hope that our leadership in the community will reignite a discussion in Halifax about implementing best practices in health and safety, especially as we see a surge in COVID-19 cases nationwide. 

This is why we need your support! 

Donate to Eyelevel Gallery's campaign on Canada Helps today so that Eyelevel can keep delivering on exhibitions, installations, workshops, events, and more!

Alternatively, if you are on the hunt for a brand-new tote bag, we are selling a Limited Edition Golden Tote featuring Eyelevel Gallery's astrological chart! The design is by Rowan Theakston. Thank you, Rowan! 

We are selling them on our online bookstore for the limited sale price of $20! Grab one now before September 2 where we'll be selling them in person at our art fair / yard sale (more details to come!)

Please consider supporting Eyelevel today!