Sophia and Arjun install an exhibition at the Ross Creek Centre for the Arts 

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As a member-driven organization, volunteers are an essential part of Eyelevel. We aim to offer volunteer opportunities that are as beneficial to our volunteers as they are to our organization. With an active program of events, Eyelevel has many ways that volunteers can be involved. Some opportunities include:

  • Joining a public committee. 
  • Becoming a Board member
  • Offering occasional support in any of the following areas: 

  • researching and connecting with other organizations
  • supporting fundraising initiatives
  • reviewing documents and offering feedback
  • supporting staff in drafting policies and protocols
  • participating in board-only workshops and strategic planning retreats
  • attending national and regional conferences to represent Eyelevel (paid travel)

Board members serve a term of two years (consecutive terms are fine!) and are elected each year at our AGM. Between AGMs, new board members are appointed by the board of directors after submitting a letter of intent and sitting in on a board meeting. If you are interested in joining Eyelevel's board, please send a letter of intent outlining your experience and why you want to join our board (doesn't have to be long, and in the body of an email is perfectly fine!) to


our committees

Eyelevel has two public committees that are open to anyone to join. Committee members meet regularly (every month to every other month) to plan and carry out some of Eyelevel's most important programming and operations. Joining a committee is a great way to connect with Eyelevel and our local community in a way that is less intensive than joining a board. Committee members generally contribute 5 hours per month of volunteer labour doing tasks such as:

  • sitting on programming juries (reviewing applications, attending jury meetings)
  • attending regular committee meetings over zoom or in person (1.5-2 hrs)
  • helping to research potential new programs and projects
  • working with Eyelevel's staff to carry out programming and events
  • sourcing donations, venues, equipment and supplies for programs and events
  • helping to host visiting artists by assisting them in getting around the city and attending artist dinners out
  • tableing at events in and outside of our city (paid travel)
  • helping to install exhibitions and set up events
  • helping to recruit and manage volunteers for events and fundraisers

Our two open committees are the Engagement Committee and the Programming Committee.


Eyelevel's Engagement Committee

The Engagement Committee is responsible for brainstorming and planning membership, volunteer and donor engagement at Eyelevel. They are tasked with planning and carrying out a yearly fundraising event, holding membership drives, brainstorming and implementing membership benefits, recruiting new volunteers and finding new ways for Eyelevel to connect with people outside of our normal network. This committee generally meets every other month, with more frequency leading up to fundraising events. 


Eyelevel's Programming Committee:

The Programming Committee determines Eyelevel's major programming alongside its staff. They act as the just for calls for submissions for programs such as HEAT WAVES and AlterEye Cafe Works. The programming committee supports our staff with carrying out programming by helping install exhibitions, source accommodations and materials for artists, help visiting artists get around town, help secure venues for off-site projects and brainstorm potential new programming. This committee meets monthly over zoom, with one long-format in-person meeting every 3 months to brainstorm and develop ideas and our vision for Eyelevel's programming. 


If you are interested in joining a committee, please fill out our volunteer and community resource survey or email