Eyelevel Public Performance Series, 2011

35 Days of Non Organized Art, 2009

Community Art Convergence, 2009

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Your Membership contributes to our ongoing activities including exhibitions, artist presentations, performances, screenings, and special projects, all of which are offered to the public for free. As a member-based organization, your input into Eyelevel’s programming and activities is also critical to our future success.


  • “CHAPTER” aka “Sliding Scale/PWYC"- $0-20/Year

    • Eligibility to put forward proposals for our bi-annual membership programming submissions

    • Ability to sell work out of our bookstore on commission 

    • Voting rights at our AGM

    • Ability to participate on various committees and to stand for election to the Board of Directors

    • Subscription to regular member's email and Eyelevel newsletters

    • Members welcome package 

    • Welcome to Eyelevel membership card - mailed to them

  • "NOVEL" aka "Standard" - $50/Year

    • All of the basic membership benefits

    • Bi-annual mailouts (postcards, bookmarks, or other assorted printed matter items)

    • Sponsorship of one free membership

  • "TRILOGY" aka "All Included" - $75/Year

    • Basic and middle membership benefits

    • Sponsorship of two free memberships

    • Annual Eyelevel merch

Memberships can be purchased online, or in-person at our bookstore during open hours or at any Eyelevel events. 

No one will be denied membership due to lack of funds or volunteer capacity which is why you are now able to select $0.00 membership through our online bookstore. Feel free to contact sally@eyelevel.art with any questions or concerns.