Image from BEFORE DEMOLITION: TIDES BY EMILY NEUFELD, Eyelevel 2019 Major Project 

Image from THE ART OF HANGING PICTURES By Amy Wong, Eyelevel 2016 Major Project

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Eyelevel accepts submissions annually to our Major Projects. We also run other regular programs with their own calls for submissions such as HEAT WAVES (our summer mini-residency series) and special one-off projects. The most detailed information about submissions can be found here, but we also encourage folks to sign up for our newsletter or follow us on social media to get the latest updates on calls and opportunities. 



Eyelevel’s Artistic Director held an info session on December 18th, 2020. You can check out the slideshow from that session here:​

Eyelevel supports 2-3 Major Projects every year, which are off-site, itinerant (roaming/mobile) and/or time-based projects by emerging and mid-career artists. Major Projects are well-supported programs that are made possible by project grants. In addition to artist fees above CARFAC minimums, Eyelevel provides additional support such as travel, childcare, material costs, space in one of our studios and other artist needs. These projects are larger in scale, and include interpretive/engagement activities such as commissioned writing, workshops, community art builds and artist talks.

Artists applying for a Major Project are encouraged to think in-depth about how they want to be supported by Eyelevel, and consider additional public activities to make their proposed project as inviting and accessible as possible. 

Eyelevel does not operate a formal gallery space, applications for Major Projects should consider our model of programming from an artistic and logistical standpoint. Eyelevel programs 1-2 years in advance, with all major projects occurring between June and November.

Applications for Major Projects are accepted from artists and groups at all stages of their careers who meet Canada Council's definition of a professional artist - joint/group applications or guest curatorial applications will also be considered.

Major projects can include:







and other non-conventional formats


The Application and support material can be found below and is also viewable through our Google Form



Eyelevel accepts applications to Major Projects in multiple formats. Our preference is for artists to apply with the google form. Proposals can also be emailed to Eyelevel in written, audio or video form, and pitched to Eyelevel in the form of a zoom interview, which will be recorded for the jury. 

To apply online: 

Fill out the google form, and follow instructions on how to submit your support material.


To schedule a zoom pitch: 

Contact Sally Wolchyn-Raab, Eyelevel’s Artistic Director at or call or text Eyelevel’s cell phone at 902-425-6412 to schedule a time for a 30-minute pitch of your ideas. Please schedule this time before the deadline (Jan 18).


To email your application: 

Email the following items to with the subject line “2021 Major Project Submission”

  • A written proposal as a .doc or .pdf file - Important: instead of a classic artist statement/project proposal, please respond to the prompts below.

  • Maximum 8 items of support material (audio, video, images). Please make sure that all of your support material is compatible with MacOSX. Large files can be submitted through WeTransfer, a shared google drive or dropbox folder, or included as a link to a streaming platform such as SoundCloud, Vimeo or YouTube. Title all files with your name in the order you want them viewed (ie: 01YourName.jpg)

  • A support material inventory as a .doc or .pdf file. An inventory is a list of all of the files that you are sending us in order and should include all relevant information to help the jury understand your work. This can be the title of the work, the year it was made, any collaborators, location, dimensions, materials etc. What you include in your inventory is up to you. Any YouTube, Soundcloud or Vimeo links can be included here. 

A website, blog or social media account can be submitted in lieu of support material. In this case, please include some instructions for the jury on what to view (and what not to view). 


Written Proposal Prompts:

1. Tell us a little about yourself and your work (max 200 words)

2. What format(s) does your project take? (residency, presentation, publishing project, workshop, artist talk, etc)

Eyelevel welcomes applications for residencies, publishing projects, performances, exhibitions, etc. Applicants should be aware that Eyelevel does not have a white-wall gallery, and borrows a variety of different kinds of spaces for exhibitions and events. We also operate a studio/residency space as well as a bookstore. 

3. Who is your intended audience?  Do you have any space requirements for this project? If so, what are they?  (200 words max)   

Eyelevel is mandated to present work in unconventional spaces. Determining suitable spaces varies on the content of your work and can include spaces that are; public, outdoor, indoor, closed, formal, informal, site specific, etc.

4. What's your inspiration for this proposal? (Approximately 250 words max) 

We encourage work that stems from lived experiences.  

5. What is the current stage of your ideas? What work (if any) will you need to do in order to complete your proposed project?  (Approximately 250 words max)

Your proposal can include work that is not yet started, completed, and anywhere in-between. 

6. Do you require any support from Eyelevel in the creation/execution of your project? If so, please explain? (100 words max)

Eyelevel is able to provide support in various methods such as finding and booking venues, providing studio space, production budgets, access to special equipment or mentorship and facilitation. 

7. Are you interested in being considered for group projects or other programs such as HEAT WAVES?

8. Is there any other information you wish to share to support your proposal? If so, please use this space (200 words max)


Image of Devon Jones' work at Eyelevel from the HEAT WAVES residency



Eyelevel lightly juries expressions of interest in our studios, selections are made by the Artistic Director and Eyelevel's current residents. Eyelevel Studios are located at 2177 Gottingen St. (above Radstorm) and are accessible 24 hours a day. Studio Residents have their own designated walled-off space of around 50-180 sq ft (varies by studio), free wifi, coffee/tea, and use of the bathroom, deck, and kitchen in our space. Studio Residents are encouraged to get to know Radstorm and make use of their facilities (photocopier, kiln, rehearsal space, screen-printing equipment, free fresh food, and a zine library)

Each studio is rented on a monthly basis, rents range from $82 - $345 per month depending on size, light and usable walls. Folks applying should note that the studios are up a full flight of stairs (with a railing) and will be in a shared, unventilated space. These are non-toxic studios (no spraying or materials with heavy fumes). 

read more about Eyelevel's space and accessibility notes here...



Fill out the online EOI form here:

Contact Sally at to arrange a zoom interview (the below prompts will be asked and the interview will be recorded in lieu of a written application)

Email your EOI as a PDF and images of your work/website link to responding to the following prompts:

  1. Tell us a little bit about your practice and who you are
    Eyelevel prioritizes 2SLGBTQIA+, IBPOC and Disabled applications to the best of our abilities, as well as applications from people who find it difficult to access artist-run centres and do not have easy access to studios. 
  2. What materials you will be using and what are your space needs?
    Eyelevel is a non-toxic space, most studios are small (less than 100 sq feet), and the space is semi-open. There are no doors on individual studios, just separating walls. 

  3. How often do you imagine using your studio, and for how long do you plan to keep it?
    Are you looking for a short-term studio for a specific project, or something longer? How many days a week to do you think you'll be coming into the studios?

  4. Why do you want a studio at Eyelevel?
    Are there ways that you want to be a part of Eyelevel's community? What could that look like? What can we do to welcome you?

  5. Are you interested in sharing a studio? (yes/no)
    We can help our studio renters find studio mates, but not all of our studios are large enough to share. 
  6. Anything else you want to add?
    Provide any further details, or if you have a preferred studio when one or more is available
  7. Send us a link to a website or social media account with your work, or include up to 5 images of your work


When selecting residents, Eyelevel will be considering... 

  1. Your needs and our capacity: do Eyelevel's facilities fit your needs, can we accommodate your practice physically and logistically?
  2. Your ability to access space: Eyelevel will be seeking residents who do not easily have access to studio space in another location
  3. Your practice gels with Eyelevel: We will be seeking artists whose work fits within Eyelevel's mandate of supporting contemporary art, and whose work aligns with our anti-oppression framework (no hate, no violence no discrimination)
  4. Your interest in Eyelevel: We are actively creating an engaged community through permanent home studios. Do you have an interest in Eyelevel beyond a studio? Tell us about it!
  5. Priority will be given to artists who identify as IBPOC, QTBIPOC, 2SLGBTQIA+ and/or artists who feel unable to access professional arts organizations. 
  6. Joint or duel applications for shared space will be considered

Please send you expressions of interest here:   or email them to EOIs can be submitted in the form of an email, a shared dropbox or google drive folder, an audio or video pitch, or pitched in person to be recorded for the jury. To arrange an in-person pitch, please contact Sally Wolchyn-Raab at 



HEAT WAVES is a low-pressure, 2-week mini-residency at Eyelevel's Studios. This program aims to provide artists at **all stages** of their careers with:

  • Free 24-hour access to one of Eyelevel’s studios for 2 weeks

  • Free access to Eyelevel’s arts & crafts supplies and tools

  • A budget of $300 to be used however you like

  • Promotional support from our Artistic Director and Summer Programs Coordinator

  • The opportunity to take over Eyelevel’s Instagram Account during your time in-residence, and to informally present your work/practice through Eyelevel’s social media (CARFAC presentation fees paid)

  • A 1-year membership to Eyelevel which begins at the start of your residency 

To learn more about HEAT WAVES and learn HOW TO APPLY, please click HERE

Direct link to the online application form HERE


We welcome questions! Reach out to Eyelevel's Artistic Director, Sally Wolchyn-Raab at or 902-425-6412