MAJOR PROJECTS - Due November 15 Annually 

Eyelevel supports 1-2 "Major Projects" every year, which are off-site, itinerant and/or time-based projects by emerging and mid-career artists. Eyelevel supports the mounting of our major projects through successful project grant applications, and endeavors to cover materials, travel and production costs in addition to paying CARFAC project and presentation artist fees. Major projects are often paired with an artist talk or small publication. 

Applications for Major Projects are accepted from artists and groups at all stages of their careers who meet Canada Council's definition of a professional artist - joint/group applications or guest curatorial applications will also be considered

Canada Council defines a professional artist as someone who:

  • has specialized training in the artistic field (not necessarily in academic institutions)
  • is recognized as a professional by his or her peers (artists working in the same artistic tradition)
  • is committed to devoting more time to artistic activity, if possible financially
  • has a history of public presentation or publication.

Eyelevel does not operate a formal gallery space, applications for Major Projects should consider our model of programming from an artistic and logistical standpoint. Eyelevel will work with selected artists to secure appropriate venues for their project, and programs 1-2 years in advance, with all major projects occurring between June and November. 


  • Your CV or a short bio with your name and contact information (for groups, please only include a short bio for each artist)
  • A detailed project description which outlines:
    • Your artistic interests and motivations for your proposed project
    • How your project fits Eyelevel's mandate
    • A clear description of what your project will be - what will you do, where will it be, who is the intended audience, etc. 
  • A list or description of your technical and logistical needs (special equipment, technical support required, etc)
  • If you are applying as a curator, please also include a detailed budget 
  • 10-15 items of support material with descriptions/relevant information, links to websites and social media are acceptable but should be included with directions/guidance on what to view

Applications are accepted in whatever format is preferable and easiest for you. Applications can be submitted by email to, shared with us via dropbox or google drive, or pitched to Eyelevel in the form of an audio or video file. If you would like to pitch your idea to Eyelevel in person or over the phone, please contact Sally Wolchyn-Raab, the Artistic Director ( to arrange a meeting which will be recorded for the jury. 


HOW is your project compatible with Eyelevel’s roaming programming approach?
How do you see your work being supported by the alternative space it may be presented in?
How does your project impact the place in which it is presented? How might its location inform and impact your work?
How adaptable is your project?

WHERE will your project take place?
Where does it take place, what borders does it cross, whose territory does it occupy?
Does it rely on research—formal or experiential—conducted on site?
Does it require public or private space?

WHO is the intended audience for your project?
Who is included or excluded in your project? Will your project include populations not usually reached by artist-run centres?
As an artist, are you a host or guest?
How does your project reach your audience—in person, online, in text, by oral transmission?

WHY are you working in this way?
Does your work disrupt, question, or reimagine the perceived neutrality of the traditional white cube?
Does your project create “space” in other non-physical terms—space for discussion, space for emotions to be experienced, space for voices to be heard, or perspectives to be seen?
Which boundaries does your project cross, breakdown, transgress or reaffirm?
Which structures does your project build, rely on, perpetuate, need?


Members of Eyelevel are welcome to use the Flex Space for public and community events, presentations, meetings, reading groups, performances and small exhibitions. Eyelevel is accepting proposals for members projects which occur up until December 13, 2019. Members projects do not receive financial support from Eyelevel. 

*For more details on becoming an Eyelevel member check out our Membership Page.


Members of Eyelevel are welcome to use our small studio space known as our Member's Nook for self-directed residencies. Eyelevel charges a nominal fee for the use of this space, and will support residents with the pomotional and logistics of any public aspects to their residency. The Member's Nook is a small 8x8 foot space with a glass-paned door equipped with wifi, power, access to a printer and public access computer and a small selection of craft supplies and tools. Members are given their own keys to access 24-hours a day, and are kindly asked to refrain from using any processes that off-gas or produce fumes as the space is not ventilated. 

Eyelevel does not have accommodations and is not able to pay travel support for self-directed residencies. If you have booked our member's nook and are applying for a grant to support your travel or production we will happily provide a letter of support. 

The member's nook can be booked in advance by emailing

Fees for booking the space are:

  • Free for day use/drop-in (first come, first served - no storage of personal items allowed)
  • $15 per week
  • $50 per month (2 months maximum)