World View - The G7 Suite

23 May – 22 Jun 1995

In Peter Dykhuis’ exhibition, we find eight world maps, each one published by one of the G7 countries. Canada has two – a French and an English version of the same map. Each map is displayed behind plexiglass doors, on which the publishing nation’s flag is painted in encaustic, allowing the world map to faintly glimpse though the flag. Seeing them all side by side, the differences between the maps are striking. Aspects of their design and choice of colour seem to embody national stereotypes – the Japanese map looking understated, with light, cool colours, while the Italian map is bold and funky, with wildly curvaceous lettering. Each of these economic superpowers locates itself towards the centre of the world, and relegates the rest of the world more of less to the margins. By superimposing images of flags (emblems of nationhood) onto maps which expose the biases inherent in a nation’s “world view”. A graphic example of Postmodernist investigation emerges where many “centres” are mapped out in relationship to the many “marginalized others."