6 Nov – 1 Dec 1990

Workshop is a two-part installation. The first component is a walled enclosure, constructed within the exhibition space. Secondly, functioning as a kind of script, will be graphic works presented within the remaining gallery space. Within the enclosure, the entire contents of Okamoto’s carpentry shop will be installed. “Considering my recent biography, it has interested me to iniate a work from what has been in recent years my occupation (cabinetmaker/carpenter). From within the continuity implied in the idea of occupation, I wished to grasp at its characteristic banality. Banal, not in a pejorative sense, but as, “…that which pertains to a public announcement; public of common kilns, mills, the people of which served a manor lord or whom they paid rent”, or as architect Lucien Kroll says in relation to housing, “banal is thus machinery which not only everyone may use, but must use.” In the movement from workshop to artwork, what interests me is the way an idea of obligation is hinted at in this…”must use”. And, as well, how artifice brings this to light.