image description: an animation reminiscent of early 90's computing shows a popup window with a mint green background. The title of the popup window states 'November 10th 2002, Time 5:30 - 7:30 in front of a heart icon. Encased in a text box are the words "Come to the wired" with white and green glitches below. Another textbox reads "a night of cyber-feminism, self-exploration and radical conversation" below that is an animation on a black background of a a loading bar slowing being completed, once it is complete the word "COMPLETE" flashes before the bar and text distort and reset. At the bottom of the image are the words "closed black space: registration required"

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The Wired - WORKSHOP

10 Nov 2022

November 10th, 5:30 PM - location sent out upon registration

Come to the Wired: A night of cyberfeminism, self exploration and radical conversation

The Wired is an ever developing, evolving virtual world where existence is fluid and bodies are optional. With this new found freedom, you and your cohort of users are tasked with creating your avatar and exist as a glitch where you will mix reality and the cyber world. Take back your concept of self. Choose a username, create your avatar and join the chat.

THIS IS A CLOSED SPACE FOR BLACK FOLKS ONLY WITH PRIORITY AND CENTERING OF QUEER BLACK FOLKS - There is a capacity for 10 participants, pre-registration is required. Follow the link here to register via Google forms or email to register if you cannot open Google Forms

Goal: Participants will learn how to use mixed mediums to create an art piece that reflects their desired version of self while exploring themes of identity, gender, and the internet as a tool for liberation

Participants will:

● Learn about various mixed mediums and how the structure of a collage starts
● Use a variety of art tools during our time together
● Discuss the idea of glitch feminism
● Explore individual styles of experiencing self and gender either privately or in group
● Learn the steps of a photo collage with various examples shown
● Develop and implement activity designs using a variety of participatory and creative methodologies, including art storytelling
● Explore the potential of the internet as a space to grow and experiment as a being of change

Nailah Nakeng is a ritual-based writer, artist and facilitator in Kjipuktuk. They are a black futurist and educator who uses mixed mediums to explore themes of alienation, immigration, afrofuturism and identity . A multidisciplinary artist, her goal is for all of us to find freedom in dissidence and liberation through unconventional methodologies