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Studio #4 and #5 available starting September 1st!

Eyelevel lightly juries expressions of interest in our studios, selections are made by the Artistic Director and Eyelevel's current residents. Eyelevel Studios are located at 2177 Gottingen St. (above Radstorm) and are accessible 24 hours a day. Studio Residents have their own designated walled-off space of around 50-100 sq ft (varies by studio), free wifi, coffee/tea, and use of the bathroom, deck, and kitchen in our space. Studio Residents are encouraged to get to know Radstorm and make use of their facilities (photocopier, kiln, rehearsal space, screen-printing equipment, free fresh food, and a zine library).

Each studio is rented on a monthly basis, rents range from $82 - $345 per month depending on size, light and usable walls. Folks applying should note that the studios are up a full flight of stairs (with a railing) and will be in a shared, unventilated space. These are non-toxic studios (no spraying or materials with heavy fumes).

Studio #4 details:
-70 sq feet
-$82 per month
-Sloping wall, lower light (lamps provided)
-1 working wall (plywood wall that you can drill/attach things to, the other walls are either sloped or brick)
-Vinyl floors, good for mess-making and mopping up
-third floor (must climb spiral stairs)
-not suitable for sharing

Studio #5 details:
-181 sq feet
-$320 per month
-2 large windows, lots of natural light
-3 good "working" walls (walls you can pin things onto, draw on, etc)
-great for sharing
-other renters must walk through to get to their studios
-second floor

To apply, fill out this form.

You can also send your EOI in the form of a pitch/interview, which will be recorded. Call us at 902-425-6412 for a phone interview/pitch!

Contact us if you have any questions! We can’t wait to hear from you!