Phase 5 COVID-19 Protocols at Eyelevel

Phase 5 is here and new regulations are out for COVID-19 protocols, including proof of vaccination!! As a resident of 2482 Maynard Street and cultural nonprofit, Eyelevel and the fellow organizations at 2482 Maynard Street will now be requiring all visitors to our space and visitors to Eyelevel events who are over 11 years old to be fully vaccinated or have documentation of a medical exemption.

What this means

  • Anyone visiting our bookstore or coming to our office to meet with any of Eyelevel's staff will be required to show proof of vaccination before entering
  • During open hours and at all events, Eyelevel's staff and volunteers will be checking vaccine certificates against ID (any gov issued ID, status card, health care card or student ID)
  • Volunteers, regular visitors and artists can opt to have their vaccine status documented by Eyelevel so that they don't have to show proof every time
  • Eyelevel will also be requiring all staff and volunteers who are sitting our bookstore or helping out at public events to also be fully vaccinated and will be required to check vaccine certificates
  • Proof of vaccinations will NOT be required for curbside pickups for online purchases  
  • Eyelevel's events will no longer be socially distanced but masks will still be required

Need support?

  • If you are having trouble printing or downloading your vaccine certificate, we will do what we can to help! Eyelevel's staff can print vaccine certificates for free at our office if you email them to us as a PDF, and will do what we can to support folks who are having difficulty accessing their vaccine documentation. Contact us at 902-425-6412 or
  • For NS residents who have received one or two doses in NS, vaccine certificates can be found online here: or by calling 1-833-797-7772
  • If you have an NS ID you can also have out-of-province vaccinations added to your vaccine certificate here:

2482 Maynard is a space that is accessed by children and immunocompromised folks on a regular basis, so we take the health of those accessing our space very seriously. While we understand that this new regulation might be frustrating for some, any kind of abuse or harassment will not be tolerated.