[Image Description: a photo of Eyelevel's co-directors, Wren and Sally. They are both sitting on dark blue wheelie chairs in the Eyelevel office. They are both smiling big goofy grins. Both are decked out in all black with combat boots. The background is colour halftones of the office and in big black text it reads "EYELEVEL" behind the two]

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Introducing Our Co-Directors

Eyelevel has so much exciting news to announce! First of all, we are so pleased to welcome back our Artistic Director, Sally Wolchyn-Raab, from her parental leave. Secondly, after many years of working towards growing our little artist run centre to support two permanent staff, we are excited to announce that Wren Tian will be moving from Interim Artistic Director into the position of Co-Director alongside Sally. Wren has been a part of Eyelevel for the past couple of years in varying capacities, from Summer Student to Programming Committee member prior to Interim AD, and we can't wait to see what they continue to do as they grow into this work.

Wren and Sally will be spending the next couple of months navigating this transition, splitting up tasks, and dreaming of all of the possibilities that two directors will bring to this organization. They will be collaboratively taking on Eyelevel's programming, outreach, and administration as they learn to foster an equitable working relationship.

With the addition of a second director, we will transition out of the director@eyelevel.art email address and move to individual emails. Sally can be reached at sally@eyelevel.art, and Wren can be reached at wren@eyelevel.art.

Feel free to reach out, congratulate Wren and welcome back Sally!