"Vandersteen has an eye for both opulence and nonsense, for the thin line between decadence and the abject. The result is completely charming and refreshingly unserious. Vandersteen gracefully undulates between materials and styles, like a girl carefully walking over her affectionate cat as she climbs the stairs, snack in hand."

Review of Danika Vandersteen's Member Show
Mollie Cronin
The Coast

"It's an artist talk, but it's also an artist-listen," says artist Parker Houghtaling, grasping at words to describe his latest project with frequent collaborator Geneviève Brideau. Their collaborative talk ARTFAT—Taking our fat bodies back from the clutches of semiotics aims to achieve a sort of subversion: A space for listening instead of talking, for removing layers of semiotic meaning instead of adding them, for touching art instead of simply looking at it.

"There's a shortage of space for artists in the HRM—and arts groups are getting together at the end of the month to talk about it.

'Halifax has a rich arts community. To help it grow, we have to find a way to work with the city to ensure there are spaces reserved for arts and cultural organizations,' says Eryn Foster..."

Chase the Space’s case
The Coast
by Madi Haslam

"Just as Wong’s symphonic arrangement of collaboratively sourced images and objects in the Eyelevel space destabilized predominant ideologies inherent to the Modernist white-cube gallery—those that privilege individualism, romantic authorial power, the hierarchical ritual of veneration, and the legacy of white masculine genius—the talk that accompanied the exhibition in the form of a potluck dinner disrupted the conventions of the artist talk format, while simultaneously riddling the application of relational aesthetics and social practice."