One of the people in this room will be a sucker

12 – 26 Sep 1995

The tone of it – the title, one of the people in this room will be a sucker – sounds as if I might be a hypothesis for a scientific experiment, or a line from a stand-up comedy routine; one or the other, depending on the nature of the closure, the punctuation, you give it. And depending upon the intonation you give it – the word, sucker – will suggest either one who is acted upon or one who acts, a sucker or a sucker. With this exhibition, Lucy Pullen represents herself, literally, by only a single work, one life-sized sculptural self-portrait cast in rock candy. Both technique and subject are exceptionally traditional in the art world. The material basis of the work, however, rock candy, s a recent, perhaps a unique phenomenon. This installation by Lucy Pullen featured a life-sized cherry red rock candy full-body cast of the artist. Over the duration of the show the sculpture gradually melted and crumbled, looking in the end like fragments of an ancient Greek statue. The accompanying newsletter featured an essay by John Murchie, who also gave a special presentation at the gallery in the context of the exhibition.