An Inability to Make a Sound

4 – 21 Nov 1992

An audio guided tour through the gallery space…“How big is this room, and where am I in it? If feels larger than it sounds, and that wall seems closer. Wait, I her… I know someone behind me, I can just feel it. What was that? My heart has slowed down now. I think that I missed some instructions. Why am I following your voice and what it tells me to do? Power, authority, questions… you’re telling me something, a secret, a memory of water and mud. No I don’t remember it just like that…it happened in my backyard, when I was ten, they were…Am I a voyeur, but I feel like I’m a part of it, part of the voice. I don’t know what I’m supposed to do. Are you really telling me?” Janet Cardiff created a new installation which deals with the specific context of Eye Level Gallery, physically, socially, and geographically. Cardiff consistently addresses place in her work, while the tenets of examining her position as a woman in a mediated, technology based, patriarchal society remain intact. She does this through trying to understand the relationship between perception, memory, education, and the subconscious.