[image description: an image that resembles a magazine page with wrinkled textures. there is a red background and a photocollaged silver platter with egg rolls and plum sauce on it on the lefthand side. in small text on the left upper corner it reads "EYELEVEL presents...As part of the Meet Me at the Dinner Table series". To the right in bold text it reads "egg roll so-sholl with Stephanie yee" the bottom right corner text is smaller "novemeber 6, 2-4pm. 2482 Maynard street. pre-registration is required"]

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6 Nov 2022

DATE: Sunday, November 6

TIME: 2-4 PM

LOCATION: 2482 Maynard Street


You’re invited to an… EGG ROLL SO-SHOLL!!!

Not all egg rolls are alike and no other egg roll is quite like the Nova Scotian Egg Roll. While the exterior may look similar to its vegetable filled cousin, the filling of the NSER consists of stir-fried meat, processed into a paste—and you either love them or hate them.

For those who love them, haven’t had them, or are looking to give them another try, join us for a taste testing* where we’ll be sampling rolls from various local restaurants. Testing for both the consistency and the nuance, tasters will be invited to discuss and connect how the evolution of an egg roll might also tell the story of migration, assimilation, food and making do.

*This event is welcome to all, unfortunately, the sampling does exclude non-meat eaters and the gluten intolerant. There is a cap of 20 participants for this event on a first come basis.


Stephanie Yee (she/her) is a second-generation Chinese Canadian multidisciplinary artist and cultural worker based in Kjipuktuk (Halifax). Her education includes a BFA in Intermedia from NSCAD University where she began her exploration into the connections between community and identity. With a practice rooted in storytelling, her work manifests as gatherings, performance, writing, installation, video, and playing with food. Often beginning with familiar imagery, processes, and materials, Yee playfully interjects as a means of exploring and questioning preconceived notions. She has participated as an artist, facilitator and curator in artist-run centers, festivals, residencies and galleries both locally and internationally.