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CO-INCIDENCE: a mini-publication on 2SQTBIPOC Magic

27 Sep 2020

Available on a PWYC basis at Eyelevel and online at https://eyelevelbookstore.art/deliveries/2020/9/27/nuucixkq3ho4k833mm5wkv0f4fxzr6
all proceeds are going to support the Mi'kmaq fishing rights.


Co-Incidence brings together five 2SQTBIPOC (Two- Spirit, Queer, Trans, Black, Indigenous, People of Colour) artists and community members who evoke Magic in their creative practices. The artists, Avery Morris, Ben Mitsuk, Calen Sack, Deedee Clayton, and Excel Garay are only a few of the many remarkable 2SQTBIPOC working and residing here in K’jipuktuk / Halifax.

This mini-publication uses the term Magic in reference to the profound alchemy of resilience and enchantment that lives in all 2SQTBIPOC; it comes from years of adaptability, from our ancestors, from our cultures, from joyous love, from creative brilliance, from delicious pleasure, from those knowing glances, from our existence alone...

This mini-publication was created on Mi’kma’ki, the ancestral, unceded, and unsurrendered territory of the Mi’kmaq People. Our understandings of [queerness] sexuality and gender are rooted in colonial indoctrinations. This publication invites us to interrogate our ideas of queerness, art, place, belonging, power, and marginality. What does it mean to be queer on stolen land? What does it mean to be in solidarity with Indigenous movements while benefiting from the structures that currently oppress Indigenous communities? What does it mean to hold intersecting identities - oppressed and oppressor? And how do we parse these out in meaningful, tangible ways beyond verbal land acknowledgements?

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