Amy Wong, The Art of Hanging Pictures 2016 (photo: Erica Flake)

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The Art of Hanging Pictures

15 Aug – 23 Sep 2016

The Art of Hanging Pictures is a collaborative, painting-based, site-specific installation that incorporates discarded artwork found in secondhand shops and flea markets in Halifax. Amy Wong’s installation mediates boundaries between private and public, between notions of artistic value that are culturally ascribed and those that derive from meaning from personal or private value. She is interested in the interconnection between these different types of aesthetic judgments in the construction of so-called taste. The exhibition foregrounds preciousness and the sentimental, qualities not often coveted by the contemporary white cube gallery. Inspired by Sarah Ahmed's notion of the "happy object", bell hook's Art On My Mind, and feng shui, Amy Wong investigates what happens to a space when it is charged up by the good vibes of a community.

Amy Wong is an oil painter who navigates mixtape culture to claim a feminist space. Wong is interested in the politics of representation, in transnational aesthetics, and Diaspora empowerment as expressed through the re-direction of visual and sonic pop cultural tropes/

“The art of hanging pictures, to steal a phrase from Kerry James Marshall, is a bit like the craft of using words to make sentences, which in turn cohere into paragraphs, which accumulate in the service of an idea. It is part didactic instruction, part ineffable feeling about what things work well together. Both rely on the principle that the space between pictures is not neutral, that the pictures themselves are not autonomous (unless they are placed in a way to suggest that), and that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”
- Helen Molesworth on Kerry James Marshall