Head in the Clouds by Shana Persaud
ID: the lower half of a Black woman's face is in the centre of the painting against a pink background, while the upper half is covered by clouds that are in bright colours, such as pink, aqua, and magenta. 

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1 – 31 Jul 2023

CHROMA DREAMS is a collection of acrylic paintings on canvases or mixed media paper that employs colour and a diverse palette to evoke different emotions and associations.

Shana Persaud is a 27 year old self-taught artist born and raised in Fredericton, NB and is now in Halifax. For Shana, she has always painted in her free time as a therapeutic way to de stress. She feels inspired by Halifax’s lovely and tight-knit atmosphere to keep experimenting and growing as an artist.

Be sure to learn more about Shana’s work by following her at @art.by.shana