The Abortion Wars

6 – 28 Feb 1995

Presented as an archival exhibit taking place in the year 2050, Joyce Kline’s The Abortion Wars combines paintings, stained glass, text and ceramics to reconstruct aspects of the debate on access to abortion. The pseudo-museum framework makes the work accessible to the viewers and also critiques the archival approach to processing history. The Abortion Wars is passionate, thought-provoking, and provides relief from current rhetoric by approaching the issue from new and often humorous angles. It is the year 2050 and you are in a museum viewing an exhibition of a war YOU survived – The Abortion Wars. One day the Abortion Wars will be over. Future generations will dispassionately examine the artifacts of our struggle mush as we now leisurely meander through exhibits on the history of child labour, slavery, or the Holocaust. Objectivity comes more easily with distance – and time. The Abortion Wars moves the symbols of the present into the future and reframes them as relics of past history rather than current strife.