Take a photo-tour of Eyelevel's space - the front hallway

Take a photo-tour of Eyelevel's space - top of the stairs looking into Eyelevel's bookstore

Take a photo-tour of Eyelevel's space - our bookstore

Take a photo-tour of Eyelevel's space - out bookstore

Take a photo-tour of Eyelevel's space - hallway to the bathroom (view from the stairs)

Take a photo-tour of Eyelevel's space - the bathroom

Take a photo-tour of Eyelevel's space - the kitchenette

Take a photo-tour of Eyelevel's space - community/meeting space

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Eyelevel Artist Run Centre & Bookstore is located at 2177 Gottingen Street in the North End of Halifax NS, which is on K’jipuktuk, unceded and unsurrendered Mi’kmaq territory. Eyelevel strives to accommodate the needs of our visitors as best as possible. To ask about our facilities or give feedback about your experience, please contact Eyelevel's Artistic Director Sally Wolchyn-Raab at director@eyelevel.art or by phone at (902)-425-6412. 

Eyelevel's office and bookstore is in a formally residential space on a second floor and is not wheelchair accessible, all visitors must climb a full flight of stairs to enter. Our space is divided between two levels the main level is through the front door and up a straight flight of stairs which is against a wall and has a railing. Studios (not usually open to the public) are on the top floor, which is accessed by a spiral staircase with a railing. No doors at our space are automatic. Our space has one non-gendered washroom and houses four artist studios on the top level, as well as a small kitchenette. 

Unless otherwise specified, Eyelevel is a kid-friendly space, welcoming visitors of all ages. Items in our bookstore are meant to be handled and we welcome toddlers and young children to explore our bookstore with supervision.  

Eyelevel's Major Projects occur off-site, we make it a priority to program exhibitions and projects in wheelchair-accessible spaces and provide detailed accessibility information about all Major Project locations. Unless advertised otherwise, Eyelevel’s programming and events are in English only. Sign language, transcriptions, braille, and written translation is available by request. Please contact director@eyelevel.art to arrange for these services.

Eyelevel wants to ensure our visitors and members feel safe, welcome, and comfortable in our spaces and at our events. We do not tolerate discrimination or harassment of any kind including but not limited to: racism, ableism, agism, sizism, white supremacy, heterocentrism, homophobia, transphobia, misogyny, etc. If you require immediate assistance, please call or text Eyelevel’s direct line at 902-425-6412. If you would like to contact Eyelevel’s Human Resource committee with a confidential complaint, please email our HR representative, Amanda Shore at amandaraeshore@gmail.com. Please know that any concern or feedback brought to Eyelevel's staff or volunteers will be taken seriously and addressed immediately. 

For more detailed accessibility information, please read the following.


Eyelevel is a public space accessed by visitors during limited hours and a small group of members. Due to Eyelevel's small size, our ability to maintain social distancing is limited. At this time Eyelevel is not hosting any open gathering events. We are taking the following precautions to ensure the health and safety of our visitors:

  • 5 visitors at a time are allowed in Eyelevel's space, on busy days visitors should wait at the marked arrows on the floor
  • Masks are required by all visitors to Eyelevel in our bookstore, bathroom, hallways and public spaces
  • Staff and studio residents wash hands upon entering the space and throughout the day
  • Staff do not normally wear masks while working in the office, but masks are worn in the bookstore when visitors are present
  • Studio residents wear masks in all public areas but are allowed to remove masks when they are working in their studios
  • All frequently touched surfaces (railings, light-switches, door knobs, and bathroom fixtures) are sanitized after each use and at the end of the day
  • A "sanitation station" is available in our bookstore with wipes, hand sanitizer, PWYC cloth masks and free disposable masks
  • Open hours have been limited to Thursday and Fridays from 12PM - 5PM
  • Eyelevel is open by appointment and for curbside pickup, which can be booked here: https://eyelevel.appointlet.com

We will do our very best to accommodate the health and safety needs of our visitors. If you require measures beyond our normal COVID-19 protocols, please let us know before your visit to Eyelevel. There is a space in our appointment booking section where you can ask for special measures to be taken by Eyelevel's staff to help you safely visit our space and pick up your bookstore order. 

Visiting Eyelevel

Service animals are always welcome in our space and at our events. Please let a staff member know if your service animal requires water or you need directions to an area where they can relieve themselves. Unless otherwise specified, all events at Eyelevel are all-ages, guardians and caregivers are invited to contact Eyelevel to get any further details on events that they need to assess it's kid-friendliness beyond any content warnings that we provide. We do occasionally serve alcohol by donation, but will always accompany bar service with non-alcoholic drinks and snacks. Our space is not precious, objects in our bookstore are meant to be explored and handled, young children and toddlers are invited to explore Eyelevel with supervision. 

Eyelevel wants to ensure our visitors and members feel safe, welcome, and comfortable in our spaces and at our events. We do not tolerate discrimination in any form, including but not limited to: racism, sexism, ableism, transphobia, queerphobia, homophobia, fatphobia, or sexual harassment of any kind. If you require immediate assistance, please call or text Eyelevel’s direct line at 902-425-6412. If you would like to contact Eyelevel’s Human Resource committee with a confidential complaint, please email our HR representative, Amanda Shore at amandaraeshore@gmail.com.

During events where intensity of subject matter is expected, Eyelevel has begun to provide a “decompression space” where stimulus is reduced, and seating is available in the event that someone needs to take respite. In addition to this, Eyelevel aims to notify visitors of triggering subject matter through the use of “content warnings.”

Eyelevel has begun to involve volunteers who are trained in bystander intervention to work events that are deemed to be high-risk, such as one where alcohol is present. These individuals identify, interrupt, deescalate, and respond to potentially harmful situations.

Eyelevel carries these practices with us to all outside events and exhibitions that we present. Details on facility accessibility will be posted alongside event descriptions on our website, newsletters and social media. 


During open hours and special events, Eyelevel’s staff are ready and willing to assist with physical access. Visitors coming to Eyelevel's bookstore/office/studios on Gottingen Street are advised that this is a former residential space and is a little rough around the edges. We have worked to eliminate safety concerns, and are implementing accessibility features over time. We welcome any and all feedback and ideas on how we can make this space easier to access! 

No doors on Eyelevel’s premises are automatic; they all require a push or pull. Eyelevel's space is located on the second floor of 2177 Gottingen Street in a former character apartment. Visitors to Eyelevel must climb a full flight of stairs in order to enter. Eyelevel's bookstore is located through a non-automatic door that pulls out (opened with a handle), and requires a step up to enter the entrance hallway. Follow the hallway up a full flight of straight stairs, with a railing on the right-hand side, and a wall on the left. Eyelevel's space is broken up between an upstairs and downstairs. The downstairs houses our bookstore, bathrooms, office and kitchenette/community area. The bookstore has bench seating and Eyelevel stores 19 folding chairs in the community room for visitors to use. 

To enter the bookstore, visitors must walk up the stairs, turn on a landing and then step up to the bookstore. All stairs are standard height and width. 

Studios are not normally open to the public except for tours and special events. Studios are located on the second level - access to them is via a spiral staircase with a single railing. The staircase has "wedge-shaped" stairs of standard height and is a free-standing structure. The staircase is built from reinforced steel and aluminum. The railing will shift while visitors climb or descend stairs, creating the illusion that the stairs themselves are moving (they aren't!). Studios are broken up into 4 small spaces via movable/temporary walls. The upper floor has a peaked ceiling. 

Eyelevel's space has warm, ambient light and natural lighting. There is a balcony that is opened for special events only. 


Eyelevel has a single non-gendered bathroom on site. The bathroom is located down a hallway adjacent to the stairs. The bathroom is not equipped with grab bars or changing facilities at this time. 


Gottingen Street is a main thoroughfare for bus routes. The #1, #7, #10, #41, #53, #61, #68 heading north-bound (leaving the Bridge Terminal) all stop less than 80 meters from our bookstore on the same side of the street that Eyelevel is on.

From the North End via Gottingen Street visitors can take the #7 towards downtown, which stops across the street from Eyelevel 100 meters away. 

From Mumford Terminal the #2 and #29 will stop within a 600-meter uphill walk on Barrington St. and Cornwallis Street, the #1, which will go through downtown before heading to Gottingen Street, can also be taken from Mumford Terminal. 

The sidewalks and crosswalks outside of Eyelevel are pedestrian-friendly.

Language Barriers

Unless advertised otherwise, Eyelevel’s programming and events are in English only, and staff members are only required to speak and write fluently in English. Eyelevel aims to use plain language and clear communication in all correspondences and program support material.

Sign language, transcriptions, braille, and written translation is not currently a regular part of Eyelevel’s programming. If you require language services in order to access our programming, please contact Sally Wolchyn-Raab at director@eyelevel.art or by phone at (902)425-6412, and Eyelevel will accommodate these needs.

Online Accessibility

Eyelevel aims to improve online accessibility on our website and social media by taking comprehensive steps in the future with this document as a guideline to our goals. Through our social media presence, we strive to foster accessible platforms. This includes the use of clear language through our posts, newsletters, and website to convey our message in a way that is comprehensible. In order to ensure, moreover, the ability for anyone to engage with our content without difficulty, we will include image descriptions alongside photos that we post across all of our platforms.  

Looking forward, we are planning to redesign our website. What we envision for this redesign is a clearer website, consisting of a white background and the ability to change the size of the font.


As a public space, Eyelevel cannot guarantee our location is free of allergens.  We discourage staff, board, volunteers, and guests from using scented products, or bringing in food and animals that are known to be allergens.

Financial Access

Eyelevel has no entrance fees during regular hours. The majority of our public programming is free to the public, with few exceptions for ticketed events. As often as possible, Eyelevel programs events and offers services on a PWYC (Pay What You Can) or by-donation basis. Eyelevel does not turn away folks due to lack of funds. We want visitors from all backgrounds to feel welcome at Eyelevel, including those who are systematically, sporadically, or temporarily facing financial barriers.

As a member-led organization, membership drives much of our activity. Click here to learn more about membership benefits. We offer paid memberships through Patreon. We recognize that paying for a membership is financially unattainable for some, and/or they would prefer a more purpose-driven involvement with the organization. For this reason, we offer a $0 volunteer membership, in exchange for 6 hours of work every 6 months. To become involved as a volunteer, please fill out this form.