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Y-Level 2008: If it ain't funny, it ain't art

8 May – 7 Jun 2008

The Y-level exhibition at Eyelevel Gallery is an annual event that features the work of emerging Atlantic and New England artists. For the 2008 exhibition, If it ain’t funny, it ain’t art, six artists look directly into their own lives and communities to discover the odd and amusing in the everyday.  Using deceptively simple gestures, these artists deal with such weighty topics as the deceit of fame, cultural difference, environmental impact and gentrification, all with a lighthearted touch.  Humour  acts as an entrance into the works which turn quickly from the ‘ha ha’ into the ‘aha.’


Stacy Brown uses patriarchy, deceit, moral outrage and bodybuilding as reoccurring imagery in his latest explorations of the tension between concepts of idealism and realism. Working with the entire Arnold Schwarzenegger filmography on VHS, Stacy exposes synchronicities between Arnold the movie character and Arnold the political character.

Nadia Dziubaniwsky likes to present collected observations from occurrences in daily life as skewed scenes or evocative images.  Sometimes these appropriations highlight the comedic or performative qualities of their source episodes. 


Chris Foster was born and raised in suburban Toronto.  Chris creates sculpture, drawing and photography.  His sculptural work is largely concerned with objects of everyday experience, particularly objects associated with suburban culture.  The objects are reworked to suggest more sinister relationships.

Cynthia Guzner combines the humorous with psychological or political issues in her paintings and sculpture. Humor has always played a large role in her art but she is equally intent on making work that brings tears. Cynthia works and plays in her north end Halifax studio.

Daniel Joyce hails from Newmarket Ontario. He completed the Fanshawe College fine art program in 2005 and earned a BFA from NSCAD in 2007. Daniel is a cofounder of 161 Gallon Gallery and a board member at Khyber ICA. Currently, Daniel works for the NSCCD at the Mary E Black Gallery. 

Bethany Riordan-Butterworth wants to bring attention to the little things in life. Finding beauty and humour in everyday events allows her to continue believing in the greater good. Since graduating in 2007, Bethany completed a short film through the Atlantic Filmmaker’s Cooperative and was an artist-in-residence in St John’s, Newfoundland.

Curated by, Susan Wolf who considers mustaches, big hats, and fanny packs among the funnier things in life. Susan is a multidisciplinary artist and thinker currently based in Halifax.

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