ID: A simple text-only poster features the line "winter warm space" in an ornate font with a slight arc five times in a row. Below that block lettering in light blue says "come inside" and the address is also written at the bottom of the poster which reads "2482 Maynard street" in a small white font. The background of the poster is a dark blue-purple with some lighter spots near the bottom 

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Winter Warm Spaces

23 Jan – 19 Mar 2023

Grey will be running a continuation of the solstice warm space over the next couple of months! Join us for cozy drop-in activities and hot cocoa at 2482 Maynard Street (Wonder'neath's Project Space)

Each Warm Space will be open from sunrise and sunset:

  • Monday, January 23: 7:42am-5:10pm
  • Sunday, February 19: 7:08am-5:48pm
  • Sunday, March 19: 7:19am-7:25pm

Cozy Activities:
Grey will be hosting with:

  • Hot chocolate made with real chocolate and coconut milk (to stay or to go!)
  • Low vibes music - bring your own to share!
  • And calm and handy things to do: Bring your own stuff to sew or embellish, watch Grey continue to make a banner to celebrate a their North End Reno-Eviction, or get instructions to make a dreamy pillow as neat or monstrous as you please from our collection of artist T-shirts!