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Waking Dreams of a Chinatown, Somewhere Around Here

26 Aug 2017

About the talk:
Annie will use this platform to create a sense of Chinatown in Halifax, since it does not exist in a geographically-located sense. Participants will join the artist in imagining and building a Halifax Chinatown experience (and map) by moving through the city, sampling one food item/dish from each location, while mapping their travels and reflections on a shared tablecloth. This will look a lot like a food tour, thematically based on Chinese cuisine, where participants will travel together to sample some of the city’s Chinese food establishments and/or offerings.

About the artist:
Annie Onyi Cheung makes performances, videos, and multimedia art objects and installations. Her practice largely revolves around ideas of home, nostalgia, and consumption in relation to notions of Chineseness. She was born in Hong Kong and grew up in Scarborough, a suburb of Toronto. She studied at the University of Toronto and NSCAD University. Annie currently practices and teaches in Halifax, where she’s lived since 2012.

Format & Schedule:
Eyelevel and Annie are building up to 2 tours, each limited to 4 to 6 participants, and will be between 2 to 4 hours in length. Each participant is a collaborator by suggesting a destination and a dish/ food item. The artist will compile a list of destinations based on registered-participants’ suggestions. Participants will be travelling by foot and van in a small group from location to location, with conversations taking place during travel and while sharing food together. All the locations for both tours will be cumulatively mapped onto one tablecloth, creating a concentration of experience/information that elaborates an idea of Chinatown and its geography in the city.

The locations will be up to the artist and participants to decide and they will vary depending on the tour.
Since Eyelevel is a spaceless artist-run-centre, we rely on outdoor spaces and rented spaces. If you would like to know more about the venues you will be attending and have any accessibility needs, feel free to email us.