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21 Jun – 2 Jul 2011

The ubiquity of Rapture predictions, end-of-times placards, apocalypse theories, survivalist movements, disaster coverage and religious fanaticism is of concern.

Advice on the pursuit of endurance, be it corporeal or spiritual, often presents as a set of instructions, not unlike a performance script, providing directions for preparedness and preservation.  The relation of language across these terms is where a connection can be drawn between survival and salvation; two fraternal ideas, alike and yet unique to one another.   One the practical, tacit knowledge of trained action, the other a supplicant, spirit driven state of being, both finding place in willfully repetitive labour.

To live, in spite of accident, ordeal or difficulty - is to survive.  And yet salvation is born from similar acts: to be delivered from sin and its consequences, preserved from harm, ruin or loss, to be rescued or set free.  Survival and salvation share an etymology, a root origin I am keen to expose.

During my 2011 residency in Point Pleasant Park, I have been laboring with these ideas and their language through the vehicle of planned and spontaneous public performances. Before the performances took shape, historical research was conducted and often drawings, photographs and objects were made.  This exhibition is the fruit of that labour.