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Son, Dog: Artist Residency

1 Jun – 3 Jul 2020

Eyelevel hosts Charvel Rappos as an artist-in-residence for the month of June. Charvel will be working on an interdisciplinary and community-centric project: Son, Dog. 

Son, Dog. is an immersive and honest exploration of grief.

Charvel will be working on a collective musical composition drawn from her own geographic score and based on a piece of writing she holds dear. Accompanying the composition will be a small publication exploring her approaches and process to the composition as well as tangential thoughts surrounding the work.

Through resistant themes of structure/chaos, intuition/reason and ownership/loss, Charvel will be striving to uncover the tension of unknowns. Working with approaches that are both nonsensical and logical, she will try to find common threads that tie her to such unknowns, pushing and stretching across prescribed boundaries.

Drawing on friends, community and her own experience, she will carefully explore a wide range of beliefs and standards which direct her process and slowly question the possibilities of resolution in grief. During these shared times of isolation, Charvel will be working with Eyelevel to host some forums for community engagement towards the end of her residency. 

About the Artist:

Charvel Rappos is an interdisciplinary artist, facilitator, and community organizer living and working in K'jipuktuk/Halifax. Charvel’s work is centred in a creative exploration of the everyday as a force against banality. Her work pairs instance with exploration in order to understand social and personal states, how they move, and how they remain. Process-based, her work is often used as an informal tool to produce and manage contradictions of these states; absorbent, she strives to uncover new and lost approaches to doing so.