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Solo Concert

17 Feb 1979

Leriche’s instruments are alto and soprano sax and the clarinet. This concert featured the alto and soprano sax. In the use of these instruments Leriche was noted for his beautifully innovative energy in the audible and visual rendering of that which constitutes at its very basis the practice of improvisation in solo.

This is, therefore, a practice in itself, a practice of dictates that have nothing to do with well established music, and in fact a practice where the body of the player is much involved since it determines to a great extent the (rapport) of Language/form. (By this I mean that the body “thinks” and that it is to the extent that we let it think freely that improvisational music attains its veritable dimension). And Robert Leriche has been able to maintain all the time this attitude allowing the “play” to be at the same time that which retains and that which lets itself go.