Ursula Handleigh, Documenting Site 2016 camera-less photography (photo courtesy of the artist)

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1 Apr 2017

Since 2013, Eyelevel Gallery has existed as an itinerant gallery—eschewing the traditional model in favour of more experimental forms of visual art presentation. Responding to success in offsite projects, Eyelevel has taken ownership of its reputation as a wandering body, energetically pursuing the model’s potential for artistic facilitation. Sitelines, release anticipated for 2017, responds to this tradition—and investigates the projects undertaken in these first years as a “spaceless” gallery. Including contributions by Ursula Handleigh, Angela Henderson, Julie Hollenbach, Andrew Patterson, and Grace Stratton, Sitelines will exist as both a catalogue of a program, and an artistic document in and of itself. This is a shift away from speculative exhibition catalogues, traditionally published alongside of an exhibition. Sitelines is published by Eyelevel Gallery, and is being designed by Jayme Spinks, currently based in Montreal.