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Shhhhh: Secret Garden Poetry Reading

13 Aug 2018

Behind the Eyelevel office there is a small green space, hidden in plain view. Join us there for an evening of poetry. We'll define our own "secret garden," distinct from Victorian notions of the garden; We'll reflect on and reinvigorate concepts of naturalism, cultivation, healing, land, home, healing, family and grief. 

Together, we'll travel down a contemplative path, lead by our host, Deirdre Lee. Our billed poets, Lianne Xiao, Andre Fenton, and Michelle Elrick will offer us vantage points along the way. Francella Fiallos from CKDU will be joining us to record these readings. Following a short intermission, we will open up the stage for an open mic. We encourage you to share original work or a well-loved poem from another writer! 

In our secret garden... 

  • We will hold space for complex understandings of healing, nature, and land. 
  • We will cultivate growth through listening to each other
  • We will nourish ourselves with snacks provided by Glitter Bean Café 
  • We will nurture each other through acts of care 
  • Will tend to our environment and respect the land we're hosted on 

This event will feature a decompression space located within the Eyelevel office, available for anyone who seeks respite. This event has a limited capacity of 30 guests (with some overflow space in the Eyelevel office), which will be first come first serve. 

Accessibility notes 

Eyelevel is located at 100-5663 Cornwallis Street in the North end of Halifax NS, which is on K’jipuktuk, unceded and unsurrendered Mi’kmaq territory. Eyelevel strives to accommodate the needs of our visitors as best as possible, mitigating the barriers to access. In order to send an inquiry of our facilities or feedback about your experience, please contact Eyelevel director, Julia McMillan at director@eyelevel.art or by phone at (902)425-6412. 

No doors on Eyelevel’s premises are automatic. To enter our space, use the entrance located on the right side of the parking lot. There are 3 steps leading up to our main entrance. Eyelevel’s space is a single level, with multiple rooms.

Two all-gender, private bathrooms are located through a door, a flight of stairs, another door, and down the hall. A second set of all-gender private bathrooms are located on ground level through a separate building entrance in the corner of the parking lot. There is a level change leading to this entrance. There is another doorway before reaching the bathrooms. These bathrooms are more accessible than the upstairs bathrooms, as they are easier to maneuver and have handle bars. Still, the doorways only have a 29” clearance and the sink, paper towel, and soap are hard to reach from seated position. There is a sharps container in one of the floor-level bathrooms for the disposal of syringes. 

Unless advertised otherwise, Eyelevel’s programming and events are in English only. Sign language, transcriptions, braille, and written translation is not currently a regular part of Eyelevel’s programming. If you require language services in order to access our programming, please reach out, and Eyelevel will work to accommodate these needs. 

Eyelevel wants to ensure our visitors and members feel safe, welcome, and comfortable in our spaces and at our events. We do not tolerate discrimination or harassment of any kind. If you require immediate assistance, please call or text Eyelevel’s direct line at 902-425-6412. If you would like to contact Eyelevel’s Human Resource committee with a confidential complaint, please email our HR representative, Julie Hollenbach at jhollenbach@nscad.com