ID: A black book covered in a gold Victorian pattern sits on a light gray background. The book is positioned open away from the viewer and is framed by black rectangular borders that are underneath it and to its left. Above the book, gray and black text reads: “Shadow Journal Workshop” in all caps. Under the book overlapping the bottom black rectangle, white text reads: “with Robin Wolfe +”. Underneath that text, Eyelevel’s yellow logo sits. Yellow and white smoke-like lines and star graphics decorate the image.

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Shadow Journal Workshop

19 Nov 2023

With the support of Eyelevel, Robin Wolfe (they/him) will be teaching a bookbinding and witchcraft workshop on making shadow journals. This workshop is free to participate in and materials will be provided, thanks to Eyelevel’s support. There will be two groups of 15 participants, one online and one in person, creating space for a total of 30 people. Pre-registration through EventBrite will be required, you can register for the in-person session here (closing November 18) and for the online session here (closing November 5.)

  • This workshop will take place over four sessions on Sunday, Nov 19, Monday, Nov 20, Sunday, Nov 26, and Monday, Nov 27. We are offering an in-person option from 4:30 pm to 6 pm (masks required) and an online option from 6:30 pm to 8 pm. Participants would also have to be committed to attending all four sessions. 
  • In-person sessions will be held in Wonder’neath’s project room at 2482 Maynard St. from Sunday, Nov 19, Monday, Nov 20, Sunday, Nov 26, and Monday, Nov 27 from 4:30 pm to 6 pm (Atlantic Time.) 
    • Access notes for the space can be found here: Masks are required and will be provided. We also ask that participants take a rapid test the day before attending a session, and Eyelevel can provide take-home rapid tests.
  • Online participants will be taught over Zoom from Sunday, Nov 19, Monday, Nov 20, Sunday, Nov 26, and Monday, Nov 27 from 6:30 pm to 8 pm (Atlantic Time.) 
    • Online participants can pick up their kit for the workshop at Eyelevel’s Bookstore, open Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from 12 pm to 5 pm. If this is not possible other arrangements can be made. Participants from other regions within Canada can participate online and the kit will be mailed to them. Limited to five participants. 

Priority for participation will be going to queer/trans, neurodivergent individuals, people with low income, and racialized people. To ensure these marginalized groups have first access to participate, registration will be closed to people who self-identify from one of these groups during the first week of registration. If space is still available afterward, then anyone else is welcome to register. Registration for priority groups will open on October 20 and for the general public on October 27.

 Shadow journaling is a healing witchcraft method that utilizes journaling and self-reflection. This workshop will blend techniques of bookbinding, junk journaling, and shadow work to create these shadow journals. It’s Robin’s hope that these journals will then act as interdisciplinary tools of self-healing and growth. Often, marginalized groups struggle to gain access to support, whether it be mental health, financial, education, and other resources. Robin’s wish is that by running a low-barrier workshop on shadow journaling, participants will be provided a sustainable tool for regulation, endurance, growth, and healing while building community with other participants.

Due to the sensitive nature of journaling and shadow work, an active listener will be available during each workshop session both online and in person. Active listeners aren’t trained counselors/health practitioners though, so while they will provide light emotional support and act as a listening ear, they won't be functioning as therapists. In a similar vein, we’d ask that participants be mindful of the potential triggers of other people when sharing their experiences. At the end of the day, these workshops are art workshops and not group therapy sessions. Neither Robin, the other participants, nor the active listener are equipped to provide professional mental health support. Folks are encouraged to bring tools of self-regulation and take breaks as needed. A low sensory room will be accessible for in-person participants, and online participants are encouraged to step away when needed.


Robin Wolfe (they/him) is an interdisciplinary artist and witch living in Kjipuktuk (Halifax). They are white, trans-masc/nonbinary, and neurodivergent. Their main mediums are bookbinding, writing, and illustration. Much of Robin's work revolves around interdisciplinary forms of access to education, and more recently aspects of his witchcraft practice. Much of their work also focuses on developing workshops and programming for queer and trans folks across all generations. Robin’s personal witchcraft practice centers primarily around divination and shadow work, and they love blending their artistic and witchcraft practices together.