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Reaching Beyond Ourselves at the Joe Osborne Members Gallery

17 May – 15 Jun 2013

The Joe Osborne Members' Gallery at the Eye-Level Gallery (2159 Gottingen St, Halifax) will be presenting (May 17 to June 17) images from the soon-to-be published book of poetry and images: “Reaching Beyond Ourselves – Leading A Spiritual, Peaceful and Diverse World” by Topaz Ruby.

The poet's digitally enhanced art (photography and mixed media) from the book will be the focus of the one-month exhibition.

The book will be available in the summer at the offices of the Atlantic Jewish Council – 5670 Spring Garden Road, phone number: (902) 422-7491; or on the website:

The book explores what it means to the poet to be a Jewish, young-professional, Ukraine-born, Israeli, Nova Scotian woman and writer. Those topics of identity are explored through the lens of wishing peace, prosperity and diversity to the world. Cynthia Whitcomb, an Emmy-nominated writer, calls this book “a song for peace”.