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4 – 18 Sep 2022



Queer Creatives Space is a continuation of a group that gathered bi-weekly at Glitter Bean Cafe pre-pandemic. This group was for queer and trans folks with creative pursuits and interests to gather, create community and work on things together in a relaxed setting. 

This time around, we are trying to create more structure in the gatherings, while still keeping it relaxed. We will be running a low-key workshop for folks during each session. Participants are also welcome to work on their own projects, and use the studio time as they want. Materials for the workshop will be provided for free.


September 4th: Pamphlet Binding 

This relaxed workshop will show participants how to make a simple three hole pamphlet binding. These little books are great for small sketchbooks, travel notebooks, gifts and much more. This structure is a great beginner project for those looking to explore bookbinding.

September 18th: Eco Printing

This activity will show folks how to print and make impressions using natural materials such as flowers and leaves. We will do this by pressing the natural materials between paper and using an alum water mixture to react with the dyes in the natural materials. This project will require prints to be pressed and dry overnight, so folks will have to either pick up their projects another day or bring their projects home to dry. 



We are offering two pop-up Queer Creatives Space meetups. One is on September 4th from 2-4pm and the second is on September 18th from 2-4pm (both are Sundays). Each session is in person and folks can attend both or just one session. This is not a two day workshop, but two separate pop-up Queer Creatives Space hang outs.

Pre-registration is required via our Google form. Please find the linked google form at https://forms.gle/7mtG1PyKQ5LiUb8Z6 or email queercreativesspace@gmail.com to register for both or one of the sessions.

There is unfortunately the limited capacity of 15 participants per session, and registration is first come first serve. Registration will close the day before each session at 11:59pm, or when registration has reached 15 participants. 

These pop-up gatherings are a closed space, that are for those who identify under the queer and/or trans umbrella. 

This event is all ages friendly.

Feel free to reach out to Robin with any questions at queercreativesspace@gmail.com



Robin Wolfe (they/him) is an interdisciplinary artist and witch living in Kjipuktuk (Halifax). They are white, trans masc/nonbinary, bisexual, and neurodivergent. Their main medium is bookbinding, but they also write, illustrate, and paint. Much of Robin's work revolves around interdisciplinary forms of access to education, and more recently aspects around his witchcraft practice. In addition to Robin's art practice, they are a graduate student at SMU studying queer graphic novels. Robin loves teaching, making books, and spending time with his high-energy dog, Skylar.



Queer Creatives Space is supported by Eyelevel and is being facilated in the downstairs Wonder’neath space at 2482 Maynard St. The space has its own parking lot which folks are welcome to use. This space is wheelchair accessible through the automatic button operated doors on the right front of the building. There’s two gender neutral washrooms on the main floor which visitors will have access to. Both washrooms have sharps boxes and are wheelchair accessible, and one has a changing table. There is also an elevator on site to reach the second floor if needed. 

Masks are required at all times in the space, though food may be eaten outside or in the kitchen space upstairs during snack break. If you are having COVID symptoms, have been exposed to someone who’s tested positive, or test positive, please don’t come to the event.

For more in depth access notes, please click the link:  http://eyelevel.art/accessibility

ID: A lavender background covered in bright turquoise paint splotches. In the top left corner, neon pink text reads QCS Pop-up, framed by a neon star. In the top right corner, a pink and turquoise planet sits, two rings with smaller pink planets orbiting it. In the center, over a large amount of turquoise paint, black text reads “Queer Creatives Space September 4th and 18th 2-4pm at 2482 Maynard St Limited Capacity RSVP REQUIRED Google Form can be found via Eyelevel’s linktree @eyelevel_arc” . In the bottom left corner, three pink, purple and blue planets sit. In the bottom right corner, “coming soon” reads in neon pink text, the black and yellow Eyelevel logo sitting underneath.

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