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At Eyelevel, we are excited to announce the launch of our Writer in Residence program! In this year-long program, two selected participants will work with Francesca Ekwuyasi as their mentor for six months. The first resident will work from April - September 2024 and the second from October 2024 to March 2025. 

Residents will be commissioned to write 3 pieces of writing (1000 words each): two that respond critically to Eyelevel’s programming and one written response to a project/exhibition/artist profile outside of Eyelevel’s programming. Their completed and edited works will be published in Eyelevel’s annual publication (a small printed book) and Visual Arts News’ online magazine. 

This program aims to support emerging critical arts writers. The participants will develop the skills to write exhibition reviews, artist profiles, and critical essays. Applicants do not need to have previous art writing experience to apply or participate in this program. Other types of professional writing experience or education (poetry, fiction, etc.) are welcome but are not necessary. 

This is not a studio residency, meaning Eyelevel does not provide studio space to the participants. This program is not for out-of-province applicants. This residency is flexible and self-directed with mentorship. Residents will meet with Francesca regularly, and produce three pieces of writing, but will work on their own schedule and from wherever they choose.



  • Mentorship from Francesca Ekwuyasi for 6 months (max 5 hours a month), which includes support on how to work as a critical arts writer, how to find your voice, best practices, how to pitch to a magazine, review of rough drafts, etc. 

  • A $1500 writing fee for three 1,000 articles at .50 per word.

  • Up to $500 to translate one article per writer to their language of choice. 

  • A budget of up to $200 per participant for travel to meet with interviewees.

  • A budget of up to $100 per participant for equipment rental and writing supplies.

  • Use of the Eyelevel office and access to a laptop.



  • Answer the following questions and submit your application by MARCH 4 @ 11:59 PM ADT.  

  • Eyelevel wants to make applying for this program as easy as possible. Our default way to accept applications is through the google form which can be found by pressing the link here:

  • You can also respond to these questions by contacting us through the following methods: 

    • Email us at with your answers in the body of the email, as a word document, pdf, audio, or video file. 

    • Call us at 902-425-6412 for a phone interview/pitch. 

    • Visit us at 2482 Maynard Street during our open bookstore hours (Wednesday to Friday, 12-5 PM.)

    • If you choose to apply in person, by phone, or over Zoom, please send a request to do so by FEBRUARY 27TH (call or text 902-425-6412, DM us or email us at with your request.)



Basic ID information: 

  • Email address  

  • Name (one you go by) 

  • Phone number 

  • Pronouns 

  • Preferred communication method (email, phone call, text)

Application Questions:

  • Tell us a little bit about yourself

  • What do you want to learn in this residency? What are your goals?

  • If any, do you have any prior experience with critical arts writing? Has your writing been published in the past? If so, where?

  • Do you have any access needs you feel are important to mention or things you would like to request accommodations for during your residency?

  • Which slot will you prefer for your time in the residency? April 1, 2024 - Sep 30, 2024 or Oct 1, 2024 - March 31, 2025?

  • Is there anything else that you would like to mention?

  • In an effort of harm reduction and community care, Eyelevel requires everyone to wear face masks/respirators at all times during our bookstore hours, events, meetings, panels, workshops, and residencies. Residents and their guests working on-site at 2482 Maynard will be expected to wear a well-fitting KN95 or N95 respirator-type mask and stay home if they are feeling sick or test positive for COVID-19 (free masks and tests are available through our Mask Bank). Are you able to adhere to Eyelevel’s COVID-19 safety protocols? Y/N

Support Material:

  • Please submit up to 2 pieces of writing (500 words max.) You can submit different types of writing: poetry, personal essays, fiction, non-fiction, journalism, etc.

    • Submissions should be image, PDF, .rtf, .txt, .doc or .docx files. Please note we cannot read .pages files. If you use pages or google docs, please download/export the file as one of the above formats.