Image Description: Grey stands on a dock in front of a body of water wrapped in a white quilt that is draped over their head. They are reading from a cell phone held in their hands

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Welcome, Grey Muldoon!

Grey Piitaapan Muldoon joins us as staff, on contract with EyeLevel until March 2023 as researcher and programmer. Grey is a performance artist and teacher looking at how relationships or connections form between artists and kinships of artists. 

Now with a 50 year history of supporting highly mobile, transferrable, storable / storied / and storytelling work, EyeLevel with Grey is looking at ways for artists to gather, together, for multi-agent-agency, or emergent dreaming strategically, for connecting beyond venues and platforms.

Until March, Grey will be engaging those of us currently 20 years old or younger or over 40 years old. Grey wants to imagine a spaces between these artists that are not results oriented, i.e., not a remedial, custodial, training, or mentorship: more like a heart/h. 

During their research phase, look for four participatory object theatre / ritual / game workshops featuring; canoes full of kitchenware, sticks and blankets, duck eggs, and low tides.  

If you are under 20 / over 40 and want to be in a community of artists making art, Grey would love to interview you with prompts, and draw you a diagram of what they hear. You can find Grey at

Grey is 2S, trans*, queer, adopted (twice), autistic, chronically ill, with acquired dis/abilities, with experience of (inter)generational poverty, liminialization, dis/locations, travel, trauma, and drama. You can ask Grey about Grey and their/his work, and Grey will seek to connect with care and consideration when asking back about you and your work!