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An update to the community: COVID Safety Edition

In an effort of harm reduction and community care at Eyelevel we will continue to require everyone to wear face masks/respirators at all times during our bookstore hours, events, meetings, panels, workshops, and residencies. We will have KN95/N95 respirators available for free for all of our events. We recommend wearing a well-fitted, good-quality mask, such as the N95 respirator. Not all masks are created equal and better masks give better protection.

  • Masking expectations: Wear a mask covering your nose, mouth, and chin, plus no gaps. Staff will uphold mask requirements. 
  • When hosting in-person events, Eyelevel will have HEPA filters working before, during, and after our events.
  • We will have a CO2 monitor on-site.
  • We will have hand sanitizer and Lysol wipes at the entrance of all of our events.
  • We are still limiting in-person events. These events will have limited attendance, allowing for social distancing.
  • We will request attendees to rapid test the day of any of our events. You can get free rapid tests at local libraries. 

Please do not attend our events if you're feeling unwell even if you're testing negative for COVID-19. Rapid tests are an important part of prevention but they are not 100% accurate. Be mindful that some people attending our events can also be at risk for diseases other than COVID-19.

When offering food at our events we will do so in goody bags for attendees to eat outside or take home. When eating outside please maintain distance from others, as transmission outdoors is still possible.

All public in-person events will also have an online component. 

Why is this important?

Disabled, immunocompromised, and chronically ill people deserve safe access to public spaces. We understand that some members of the public cannot wear masks for a variety of reasons, we wear masks to protect them. 

Those who refuse to wear masks at our events will be asked to leave. Any kind of abuse or harassment of our staff, volunteers, artists, and fellow attendees will not be tolerated. If you have any access needs we are not addressing, please contact Cinthia Arias Auz at

Protect yourself! Protect your community!

For more information on how to use your disposable respirators, please visit Occupational Health Clinics for Ontario Workers

For more information on how to reuse your KN95 or N95 respirators safely, please visit PPE Supply Canada

For where to buy respirators, please visit Vitacore, PPE Supply Canada, Canada Strong, Evidenced-Based Social Enterprises Canada

For free N95 respirators, please visit Donate A Mask

For COVID-19 testing tips, a mask guide, how to build a Corsi-Rosenthal box, and safe events tips, please visit Protect Our Province Nova Scotia

For more information on how COVID spreads, please visit Nunavik Regional Board of Health and Social Services 

For COVID-conscious events in Kjipuktuk (Halifax), please visit Mask4Mask on Instagram

For COVID-19 Hazard Index and Excess Mortality Tracker in Canada, please visit COVID-19 Resources Canada

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