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Queer Bath Zine – Call for Submissions


Eyelevel is partnering with Adrien Crossman to publish Queer Bath Zine: a collaborative
photography project that archives moments of queer and trans self-care.

Conceived in the summer of 2020, the project began as a response to the isolation felt during
the first few months of the pandemic. Queer Bath Zine explores how bathing can be a space
that allows queer and marginalized individuals to create their own environments of care and
safety – especially when that care is deeply lacking from the systems and institutions meant to
support us. The project explores bathing as a queer act, whether in a social or cruising context,
an intimate setting with a partner or caretaker, or solo.

For this call, we are looking for photos of queer bodies bathing –in the tub, the shower,
outdoors, in a bathhouse/steam room, etc. The concept can be interpreted in many ways and
the photos can be as abstract/anonymous or identifying as you like. They can be of a solo
bather or of multiple bodies/body parts. They don’t only have to be of bodies getting clean.
Things that may come to mind when thinking about this project:
self-care, kink, bath bombs, coloured lighting, trans and non-binary bodies, body hair, bubbles,
water sports, rubber duckies, moments of self-care as a means of safety and survival
A number of submissions have been collected to date, and we are now extending the call to
those living in Kjipuktuk (Halifax) and the surrounding areas.

The zine will be distributed by Eyelevel and all contributors will receive an honorarium and a
copy of the publication. The launch will take place in the winter of 2023 accompanied by a
reception at Eyelevel.

Please note that we have limited space for participants. Once submissions close, Adrien will be going through them to decide and will notify folks upon the decision

Submission Guidelines: (please send by September 30 th to adriennecrossman@gmail.com):
- Submit 1-5 digital photos in the best quality that you have. These images will be printed in a
physical publication, so the higher the DPI the better. The photos can be from past projects /
taken any time.
- Please only send photos you are comfortable being shared in a print/exhibition context.
- With each image please indicate: your name, the year, a title if there is one,
and importantly: please indicate whether you would like to be identified in relation to the
photo. For folks who would like to remain anonymous in relation to photos let me know and I
can include your name as a participant but not tie it to a specific entry.
- include a statement if you have it, but it’s not necessary
- Please indicate if you are comfortable with the photo being exhibited outside of the zine