Job Call: Bookstore & Inventory Technician

Eyelevel is seeking applications for a 16-week, part-time contract position to help us catalogue our bookstore inventory and set up a new online bookstore and inventory management system in collaboration with FAVA's AMS Network project!

Applications due January 25th: Submit a 1-page cover letter and resume to

Job Details:

Title: Bookstore and Inventory Technician (split position)

Contract: 10 hours per week, $20 per hour (per person)

Timeline: 16 weeks in total, Feb 1 - May 21, 2021 (flexible start date)

The Bookstore and Inventory Technician is a split position that is responsible for cataloging and  documenting Eyelevel’s 20-year old collection of printed matter and artist multiples. The Technician will support the Artistic Director in coordinating the development of Eyelevel’s online bookstore and inventory management system. The Bookstore and Inventory Technician will be responsible for offering feedback and developing infrastructure to support how items in Eyelevel’s bookstore are acquired, maintained, sold and deaccessioned. This is a short-term contract position that will be split between two individuals working in collaboration with one another. Together, the Bookstore and Collections Technicians will be expected to complete a comprehensive catalogue of Eyelevel’s collection, ensure that all items in the collection are properly accessioned or deaccessioned, and that all data is properly input into Eyelevel’s new inventory management system.

Eyelevel is currently seeking applications to fill one half of this split position, as the other half has been filled through an internal hire. The successful candidate will be working alongside and under the mentorship of Lucy Pauker, who has been cataloguing Eyelevel’s printed matter collection on a volunteer basis thus far. 

Key Shared Responsibilities:

  • Reviewing Eyelevel’s entire printed matter and multiples collection (ERI Archives and bookstore inventory)

  • Creating a complete and comprehensive database of all items

  • Researching and discovering missing information for items, such as artist contact information, price, etc

  • Working with the Artistic Director to determine items for deaccessioning (return to artist), inclusion in Eyelevel’s permanent archives at Killam Library, and items to be sold in the bookstore

  • Photo documenting items as needed

  • Providing feedback to FAVA, Eyelevel’s web designers (Co&Co) and the Artistic Director towards developing a new online bookstore and inventory management system

  • Importing items into the new inventory system, and editing entries

  • Working with the Artistic Director to create process documentation for the long-term maintenance of Eyelevel’s physical and online bookstore 


  • Advanced knowledge of cloud-computer and digital sharing platforms such as Google Drive/gSheets and Zoom 

  • Strong computer skills and an ability to learn new software quickly

  • Highly detail-oriented and and organized

  • Advanced written and oral communication skills

  • Knowledge of or interest in library science, archives or collections management

  • Knowledge of or interest in printed matter and artist books

  • Ability to self-direct, set their own tasks and deadlines

  • A collaborative spirit and eagerness to work in partnership towards a common goal

  • Basic web design skills will be considered an asset

  • Basic photography and photoshop skills will be considered an asset

This position reports to Eyelevel’s Artistic Director, the Technicians are expected to report regularly through written updates on their work and standing meetings with Eyelevel’s Artistic Director. Technicians will also be expected to attend occasional meetings with FAVA’s AMS development team. 

This is a flexible, part-time position: Technicians may make use of Eyelevel’s office or work from home. Use of a laptop is available. Technicians will be expected to make regular trips to Eyelevel in order to gather and organize collection items, as well as regular trips to Eyelevel’s storage unit. Access to a vehicle and a driver’s license will be considered an asset.