[image description: Michael standing in front of a light projection of a house]

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Eyelevel wants to welcome our final HEAT WAVES artist in residence, Michael Lake! Michael will be with us at Eyelevel from August 12th to 25th, so come by and say hello!

Michael Lake (he/him) is an artist based in Musquodoboit Harbour, Nova Scotia. Working primarily in live art performance and writing, Michael also uses projections, paper cutouts, and audioscapes in his practice to create interactive spaces. His work explores instances of intimacy and queerness, and often seeks to blur lines between the audience and the artist/performer. Viewers are invited to participate in various ways, leaving room for spontaneity and chance, and continuing the creation process through interaction. Michael also runs workshirt opera, a live art performance company that creates original work and fosters storytelling and theatre with a queer focus.

As a part of HEAT WAVES, he will be working on "the house you might have had", an installation that explores domestic spaces in relation to personal queer identity.