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HEAT WAVES #5 | Jean Mary Serutoke

Our last HEAT WAVES artist is coming in hot!
We're so pleased to welcome Jean Mary Serutoke as our next artist in residence. Jean will be at Eyelevel from September 7th to September 19th. Keep an eye on our Instagram for posts by Jean while she's in residence. 

Jean Mary Serutoke (she/her) is an Interdisciplinary artist, currently studying at NSCAD University. Printmaking is her main medium of choice, whether it's with traditional fine art methodologies or DIY ways of making while finding ways to bring other mediums into the process. Serutoke's practice consists of introspection and reflection around the intersections of her personal identity. Being part of the African Diaspora, she has observed first-hand how it feels to live through different contexts and uses art-making as a form of therapy to share with others. During these times of the Black Lives Matter movement regaining global attention, and when the demand for change seems to be requested within all aspects of life, she believes that care and community are essential to this work and something to examine closer.