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HEAT WAVES incoming !!! Eyelevel would like to give a very warm welcome to our second artist in residence, Brandy Bernard!
They will be with us from July 27th to August 8th. @bb.redsun will be taking over our Instagram account during their residency ! Keep your eyes out for Brandy and what they might be getting up to!

Brandy is a young Two-Spirited Mi'kmaq woman who uses they/them pronouns. They have always loved drawing and coloring as a child, but started getting into it more regularly when they were in junior high, which then evolved into full blown art from then to now. Brandy is mainly self taught and have been reaching out to different mediums like gouache, markers and oil pastel bit by bit to expand their skills, but their original style is ink and pen as well as watercolor, with lots of geometrical line work and fine details similar to tattoo work.