[image description: Arjun smiling]

[image description: a white phallic shaped sculpture with "self-care" in black block letters protrudes from the top of a wall]

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Eyelevel is thrilled to welcome our fourth HEAT WAVES artist in residence, Arjun Lal!! Arjun will be working at Eyelevel from July 29th to August 11th, so come drop in and say hello!

Arjun Lal (he/him, they/them) is an interdisciplinary artist based in Halifax. Arjun frequently works within the themes of queer culture, safe spaces, and self-care. Currently, they are finishing their last course in the BFA program at NSCAD University and over the course of studying, Arjun has created opportunities for queer research, installation, and the discovery of their alter ego, Vagine.

Arjun will also be taking over Eyelevel's instagram (@eyelevel_arc) during their residency, so check it out to keep up with their residency !!

Arjun's self-care performance on August 9th was recorded and is available here for private viewing and appreciating

HEAT WAVES #4 | Arjun Lal, Self-care performance at Eyelevel's Flex Space from Eyelevel Gallery on Vimeo.