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Food for Thoughts - Call for Submissions


Food For Thoughts (FFT) is Eyelevel’s discussion series which was started in the summer of 2016. Through this program Eyelevel is aiming to de-centre western notions of what an artist-talk looks and sounds like. As a gallery-less artist-run centre we prioritize programs that take the visual arts into the public sphere. Through off-site talks, potluck picnics, podcast episodes, a publication, and a picnic starter pack, FFT aims to prompt critical discussions surrounding art practices while sharing food.

FFT is currently in its planning stages for the 2017 summer iteration. We are looking to centre QTBIPOC, POC, and LGBTQ2SIA voices as artists speaking in the series. These voices will also be prioritized in the selection of talk attendees, aiming to facilitate a safer, potentially closed, space. We would also like to encourage emerging and underrepresented artists, who have not had as many opportunities to show their work, to apply. We are hoping these discussions will nurture conversations around artists’ art practices, food as a space for gathering, food politics, food accessibility and sovereignty, oral histories, intergenerational knowledge, food as cultural cultivation, and/or sharing in community. The artists’ talks will host a limited number of people from the community who sign up to attend, eat and have focused conversations. These conversations may be recorded and turned into podcast episodes to be released through the year as a way of  sharing these experiences with the wider community.

In order to make this Call for Submissions more accessible, we will be accepting submissions in any preferred format, such as in writing, audio, video, or other visual formats. We can also arrange to do verbal applications if oral communication is your preferred method of pitching ideas. Please only apply if you self-identify as QTBIPOC, POC, or LGBT2SIA, as we are aiming to create a platform for underrepresented and marginalized communities.

Tell us why you want to be a part of Food For Thoughts and how your art practice relates to food, or why sharing your practice in this format interests you. This program can take many shapes and forms, it is up to the artist to decide what the talk looks like; it may be a potluck, a picnic, a dinner-party, an opportunity to cook, a skill-sharing workshop, a tour of the city, a culture-sharing opportunity, a food drive, an afternoon of garden cultivation, etc. What does a meal centred around conversations about your art look like to you?

Eyelevel is committed to paying CARFAC speaking fees for selected artists, so there will be compensation, as well as support for food, materials and transportation required for the talk.

To be considered for this summer, please send the following information to fun@eyelevelgallery.ca with the subject line “FFT Submission” by 5pm on 28 June 2017: 

  • your name and contact information

  • some example(s) of your work (instagram page, website, images, drawings, videos, writing, etc)

  • any ideas for the format/location of your Food for Thoughts talk

  • (CVs, artist statements and/or artist bios are welcome, but are not a requirement.)  

If you want to be considered for future Food for Thoughts series, submissions will be accepted on a rolling deadline, and reviewed throughout the year.