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Board Members Wanted!


Eyelevel’s Board is seeking new folks to join our Board of Directors. Eyelevel’s Board plays the very important role of guiding our organization, supporting fundraising, connecting us with other organizations and communities, and developing our programming, policies, and protocols.

We are welcoming brief letters of interest from people with all backgrounds and levels of experience - letters of interest from BIPOC, 2SLGBTQIA+ and disabled/mad/chronically-ill folks will be prioritized. If you are interested in getting more involved with one of your local artist-run centres and being a part of how we program and operate we’d love to hear from you! 

Please email Sally Wolchyn-Raab (Co-Director) at sally@eyelevel.art with one or two paragraphs about your experience and why you’re interested in being on our board. 

Responsibilities Include:

  • Attending monthly board meetings 

  • Participating in board training and visioning meetings

  • Joining one of Eyelevel’s committees (programming, engagement, human resources and finance)

  • Responding to emails and requests for feedback between board meetings

  • Contributing roughly 5-10 hours per month of volunteering between meetings, emails and committee work

Relevant skills and experience could include:

  • Prior involvement with boards, steering committees, co-ops, etc. 

  • Community organizing or event planning

  • Knowledge of contemporary art and/or artist-run centres 

  • Experience working within anti-oppression frameworks 

  • Finance experience (such as project budgeting or running your own small business) or willingness to learn. 


We love questions! If you are curious about something or would like any clarification you can reach out to either of our co-Directors wren@eyelevel.art or sally@eyelevel.art