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Nature of Descriptions

15 – 30 Jan 2010

Nature of Descriptions includes paintings, sculpture, film and aspects of site-specific installation. The body of work began with a single found-photograph from his late father’s archive of a planned-parenting class that took place in the mid-90s.

'My intention with this project is to use visual inheritance as a point of departure in exploring the relationship between formal aspects of images and their historical or informational content. In this effort I have tended to employ different modes of painting that imply photography or collage, hiding representation with geometrical shapes and referring to disparate modes of picture-making through paint. Technically and intellectually artists like Gerard Richter and Johannes Kahrs influence my painting, while in film and photography I aspire to make work that lingers between theatre and documentary.' - Aaron Weldon MacLean

Aaron Weldon MacLean studied at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and NSCAD University and has shown nationally and internationally including group exhibitions in Ottawa, Chicago, The Yukon Territories, Berlin, Sri Lanka and Cuba and has completed commissioned projects across Canada, in Costa Rica and in South Carolina.

MacLean's work explores ideas of legacy, authorship, monument and, more generally, the overall process of cultural production. He lives and works in Halifax, Nova Scotia.