Ribbon Harness by Brandon Hoax. Photograph by Steve Farmer

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2 Nov 2020 – 31 Mar 2021

A Mentorship Residency between Brandon Hoax (mentee) and Dayna Danger (mentor)

MOVEMARROW desire of movement, movement in energy, movement in ceremony, movement in flesh, movement rooted in the most interior parts of the body, physical movement, emotional movement, metaphysical movement, mental movement, moving on, moving away, moving towards, moving slowly, moving stagnantly, never moving at all.

Project Description

MOVEMAROW is a project in response to Brandon Hoax' latest work displayed in the 2019 Exhibition Worn Inward. Hoax will continue the exploration of the ribbon/regalia harness. The initial piece was about movement, the body, sex, ceremony, fetish, and self adornment, MOVEMARROW* will pick up where the original left off, which was static and displayed on the wall, Hoax will be making and reinforcing the harnesses so they become wearable by people. Throughout the project Hoax will contact artists/performers/contemporaries and create a custom harness for them, and then gift the harness to them. The gift is an open proposition, no pressure for a response, the gifted art object now belongs to the recipient, but Hoax is hoping artists and people who are given a harness will respond to them in a creative capacity, writing, photography, video, painting, selfie, performance. 

Gifting these harnesses as an artistic proposition was born out of the feelings from the social isolation of quarantine because of the COVID-19 Pandemic. The desire to make, and then release the creation, as gift, as communication, as a method of contact with another body. 

While at Eyelevel, Hoax will use their harness to make a video art piece that motion tracks a body as the Harness is worn and moves/dances with it on. This is a method to respond to Hoax’s own proposition being presented by the gifted harnesses.

Hoax’s residency will be supported by a mentorship with Dayna Danger, an established artist of Metis/Saulteaux/Polish descent currently based in Montreal.


Trickster child of a Stonecoat mother and Dullahan father. Hoax is a Haudenosaunee, Onyota'a:ka (Oneida), Two-Spirit artist from London Ontario, and Oneida Nation of the Thames. Residing in K'jipuktuk (Halifax). Hoax’s practice explores the ever oscillating weight of yearning and desire (romantic, platonic, the self) using themes of hard and soft, sensuality and clinical, the body and incorporeal while using materials and iconography from lived experiences in and navigating urban, rural, and reservation spaces. Work exploring the amalgamation themes and materialism through the lens, semiotics, and distortion of the artist.

Dayna Danger:

Dayna Danger is a 2Spirit/Queer, Metis/Saulteaux/Polish visual artist raised in so-called Winnipeg, MB. Using photography, sculpture, performance and video, Dayne Danger's practice questions the line between empowerment and objectification by claiming space with her larger than life scale work. Danger's current use of BDSM and beading leather fetish masks explores the complicated dynamics of sexuality, gender, and power in a consensual and feminist manner. Danger is currently based in Tio'tia:ke.