illustration by Vida Beyer

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Members' Weekly - Not Cool

26 – 30 Jul 2011

Art about personal politics, world-views and institutional critique fills Eyelevel Gallery the week of July 26-30, in a show titled Not Cool. Artists Elise Boudreau Graham, Emily Davidson + Susan Wolf, Allison Higgins, Emma May + Natalie Boterman, Cadence Planthara, Alanna Staunton, and Daina Tavenier will exhibit their work in the second installment of Eyelevel Gallery’s five week series of members’ shows: Members’ Weekly. 

Organized by Lisa Folkerson, Not Cool showcases a diverse range of artists with very different artistic practices; the show encompasses photography, sculpture, lecture, video, embroidery and installation.

Also being launched will be the first of five fortune tellers featuring original art and fortunes by contemporary artists. The Not Cool  fortune teller has drawings by Vida Beyer and fortunes by Craig Leonard.

            Susan Wolf and Emily Davidson will be giving a talk Thursday July  28th at 7PM, titled While We Were Gone: On the Informal Institute of Unrefined Knowledge, they say it is a “lecture on ‘project: space available’ residency in Seattle attended by collaborators Susan Wolf and Emily Davidson”.