Manuela Lalic, Pizza Floor, 2009

Installation in Eyelevel Gallery, 2010

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Meeting Accessory

16 Apr – 20 May 2010

 Manuela Lalic explores the pragmatic aspects of social environments and societies. By means of a production/consumption system, she questions a society that standardizes desires and needs. She seeks tension between individuality and collectivism in daily attitudes of mass movements. Using materials and furniture as signs of our structural conceptions, she accumulates objects for a “new material” territory of funny, yet worrying environments that ironically refer to collective meetings, such as a picnic or a waiting room.

Born in France, Manuela Lalic has lived in Montreal since 1997. She has taken part in numerous solo and group shows (Canada, Germany, England, France, Belgium, Japan, Spain, China and Lebanon). In 2009, she received the Pratt Whitney prize and the Canadian Art Council International Residency in New York (International Studio and Curatorial Program).