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13 Sep – 1 Oct 1983

(a show of site-specific work organized by Eye Level Gallery, Halifax and sponsored by the Canada Council) "On a local level, the project has initiated the creation and installation of works in full view of the general public in each of the five cities involved: Victoria (Open Space), Calgary (Off Centre Centre), Montreal (Optica and Articule), Halifax (Eye Level) and the national co-ordinating centre Toronto (Mercer Union). On this level a broad public audience will soon be confronted with both the creative process from which they are traditionally excluded, and with the concerns of artists working in their own city. In this way the project aims at inviting new audiences for alternative spaces and establishing a wider understanding of art and art-oriented projects. In addition the project offers a rare opportunity for young artists to explore the possibilities of creating large scale outdoor works, as well as to participate in a national dialogue. The national aspect of the project is already being established through the link-up of the six centres. All works will be extensively documented from the planning stage by means of proposals and maquettes, through to their completion by slides, photographs, video and artist’s statements. Documentation from each centre will be sent to the other five cities to be included in exhibitions that will occur simultaneously in all six centres. This process will actually be an extension of the works as each artist is directing or devising their own documentary procedure. This project will allow for exposure of their methods and concerns on a national level and create an opportunity to work collectively exchanging ideas and critical orientations."