Jean stands in front of a lake on a sunny day, facing in the direction of the camera, with a hand placed on the lip of her hat. She is wearing green shorts, a black top and an oversized cream-coloured shirt over it.

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Jean Mary Serutoke in-residence

1 – 30 Nov 2022

Jean Mary Serutoke (she/her) is an interdisciplinary artist of the African diaspora, currently settled in Kjipuktuk (Halifax). Her art practice is a constant introspective reflection of their identity with an intersectional lens to explore what she wants her art to say about her and humanity. This broad underlying theme has remained consistent through the years but she has investigated different aspects in detail, such as race, disability, home, memory, self-doubt and gender, through certain mediums that involve laborious periods of processing

“My project in this residency is going to be focused on creating various book works, as a culmination of all the work I have done so far for the past five years through my undergraduate degree. This publication/artist book was originally proposed as a final project for my Foundation Program in London but it didn’t happen. In a way, I think that’s a good thing - all of my work thus far has been building up to this month, where I am grateful to have the dedicated space for this project. Through this period of time, we’ve all lived through pre-pandemic to now supposedly post-pandemic life, and I’ve been thinking about how in the way we’ve all gone through this transformation. One of art’s many purposes is to help us to see and understand ourselves more clearly through changing times and I would also like to create a separate publication with Eye Level that would be a collaborative effort with anyone who wants to contribute.”