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Bakeia El, HEAT WAVES #2

Beaning Insta by Marissa Sean Cruz, HEAT WAVES #3

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HEAT WAVES: Eyelevel's mini-residency program

1 Jun – 19 Aug 2021

Eyelevel welcomes 4 emerging artists as our 2021 HEAT WAVES residents. Each artist will be in residence for 2 weeks during the months of June and July, each taking over Eyelevel's Instagram Account for a portion of their residency. Join us at 2482 Maynard St on August 19th from 6-8PM for an informal panel, where each of the artists will talk about their work and maybe even show us what they did during their time in-residence!

Eyelevel would like to extend a special thank-you to Wonder'neath Art Society and 2482 Maynard Street for their support of this project, and for providing wheelchair-accessible studio space for the artists to make use of during their residency. 

HEAT WAVES is an annual program where early-emerging and aspiring artists are invited to create during consecutive 2-week low-pressure residencies each summer. Residents receive free access to a studio, a small materials stipend, and the opportunity to do an Instagram takeover and/or participate in a public event at the end of the residency series. This program is "soft-juried" prioritizing applications from artists who feel uncomfortable or unwelcomed in artist-run centres, artists who hold BIPOC, disabled and 2SLGBTQIA+ identities, and folks who have never worked with Eyelevel before. HEAT WAVES was developed in 2019 by Maddie Alexander becoming one of our most anticipated annual programs. 


Our 2021 HEAT WAVES Residents are:


JUNE 1 - JUNE 15

Yang Guo is a media artist and multidisciplinary designer based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Yang studied arts and design in three continents, earning two related master's degrees (MA, MFA) and a bachelor's degree (BFA). His art practice focuses on creating new artistic languages through multimedia experimentation and self-reflection. He is committed to dissolving the cultural and identity barriers as a minority living in a multicultural environment. He hopes his work can enhance societal understanding and promote social well-being.



JUNE 16 - JUNE 30

Bakeia El (formerly known as Jade H. Brooks) is a creator determined to take this divine mission called life by storm. As a multidisciplinary artist, Bakeia uses writing to explore key themes of healing, mental wellness, motherhood, and spirituality. As a mompreneur, Bakeia continues to push the limits of what it means to build a legacy.



JULY 2 - JULY 16

Marissa Sean Cruz is a biracial Scottish and Filipinx born in Kjipuktuk, or so-called Halifax. Since returning to this region in 2020, Cruz has collaborated and/or worked with local venues like Radstorm, ArtsNS, MusicNS, Centre for Art Tapes, EVERYSEEKER and now, as one of EyeLevel’s HEAT WAVES residents. 

Cruz is a digital multimedia and video performance artist whose allegorical works study identity, value systems, and power relationships. Their work is a reframing of pop culture artifacts through computer-generated imagery and evocative costumed performances.  Specifically remixes of mid 2010s teen pop rock, corporate consumer design and hot foam-masked cosplays are synthesized to create poetic alternate narratives and ideas.

Through the HEAT WAVES residency, Cruz will be developing a project that critiques digitized property, the monopolization of time and other conquests of capital. 



JULY 17 - JULY 31

Tamara Smith is a Black Nova Scotian, multidisciplinary artist, whose mediums include Textile, fibre arts, and clay. Tamara is a graduate of the Dalhousie University, Costume studies program. Reflected in her work are elements of pop culture, diversity, and feminism.

After having lived in Montreal, and Toronto for the past 8 years, before returning home to Kjipuktuk (So called Halifax) earlier this year, Tamara is planning on using this residency to explore and evolve her art and begin to create connections in the art community.

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