Granddaughter Excerpts

3 – 22 Feb 2003

 "Granddaughter Excerpts is a reciprocal portrait, marking my changed relationship with my grandmother who is increasingly withdrawing into Alzheimer's. These videos were made during the weekly nights I spent with her, after she had gone to bed. Through her collection of photographs I record my construction as granddaughter and in turn my perceptions of her as grandmother. I am interested in how our identity is shaped through relationships with others, and what happens when physical deterioration impedes our ability to relate, even function independently in the world. The material surroundings of her home become her index, a familiar on which she increasingly depends."

Taking advantage of the eyelevelgallery's split window spaces, Anderson's video installation operated as a form of reciprocal portraiture, articulating the complex effects of affection and memory on the act of looking. The loss of memory, which is inevitable and accelerated with age, threatens the familiarity of out most intimate spaces and relationships. In response to this loss, objects are invested with inflated meaning and expected to carry the full weight of love.