'Day, Drawn Day' alongside Bethany Riorden Butterworth's 'Under the Sequins' in the Narrows

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Gorlitz & Olejnik - Boom Town / Day, Drawn Day / Bimensions

19 Nov – 22 Dec 2009

Boom Town              Day, Drawn Day / Bimensions

Colin Lyons’ Boom Town depicts out of use industrial buildings along the Lachine Canal in Montreal. These buildings, once active centres of production, now range from serving as artist studios to empty relics.

Lyons uses etched zinc plates to print images of industrial buildings that he later meticulously crafts into fragile paper sculptures. After a set number of prints are made, Lyons solders the zinc plates themselves to make the final item in the series.

Gorlitz & Olejnik present two works on video: Day, Drawn Day projected on the front window of the gallery on street level after dark, and Bimensions in the on a monitor in the gallery during the day.

Day, Drawn Day and Bimensions reflect complex architectural structures, bringing together a 24-hour shift-work exhibition at Eyelevel Gallery.  Gradually amalgamating spaces and their immediate materials and surroundings, Gorlitz and Olejnik blend film and reality with animation, unveiling the raw details of the substances within each work.

Colin Lyons grew up in Canada’s original oil boomtown of Petrolia, Ontario.  He received his BFA from Mount Allison University in 2007, and recently began an MFA in printmaking at University of Alberta.  Boom Town has been exhibited in recent exhibitions at Gallery Lambton (Sarnia, ON), Niagara Artists’ Centre (St. Catharines, ON), Open Studio (Toronto, ON), TRUCK (Calgary, AB), and AKA Gallery (Saskatoon, SK).

Sarah Jane Gorlitz and Wojciech Olejnik have been collaborating on videos and sculptural installations since 2006 under the name SOFT TURNS. They concurrently maintain separate practices; with Sarah Jane’s focus on painting, and Wojciech’s in computer based art (Autocad, Maya). They live and work together in Toronto (Canada) and Berlin (Germany).